Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lydia's Big Chop

Ever since her first (and last) trim, my little Lydia has been asking to get her hair cut "to my ears".

Why?... you may ask! Because she is tired of having to brush it.... LOL!! Obviously, I have attempted to begin to teach her some personal hygiene and hair care... but caring for super long hair lands on Mommie when you are only 4:)

Lydia was serious about getting her hair cut:) As we loaded into the van - Lydia, myself and my sister, Aunt Jac - Lydia was sure to mention that she wanted to be the first to get her haircut (I would have to wait for her!!).

So here is Lydia's BIG chop;)

The BEFORE : (unbrushed and just out of a bun!)
my {pretty} little girl... inside and out:) Brushed or unbrushed;)

ponytail donation cut

Getting her hair washed... a little nervous!!
 {funny} b/c I kept thinking about  her bathing with googles

Soo still and patient for the trimming;)


from the back;)

The After:
{happy} to be finished and with her hair

Smiling with the donation  {real}

That last picture is actually before {real}!! As we were heading out of the salon, the hair started coming out of the band.... we had a mess of hair all over the floor :(

We scooped up and shook out what we could... but I need to look into whether any hair donation place will take her locks... even if I try to straighten them??? Learn from us and secure that hair tight if you want your child to hold it :/

Anyway, it's super adorable!! The little girl bob, looks soo cute on her;) And best of all she likes it;)

PhotobucketIt was definitely fun to have an afternoon out and about with Lydia and Aunt Jac;) I got some pampering, too! And then we headed over to Trader Joe's... what a treat to bring home soy ice cream sandwiches for the kids:)

Anna also had a "big chop" a few years ago when she was 5 and was able to donate it;) If you wanted to make a comparison... here is Anna's BIG snip from Aug 2009!!

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Jenny said...

so cute Lydia! Like for Anna this hair cut looks very cute.

grandma said...

Beautiful little lady!

Stacey said...

She looks adorable!

grandma said...

Lydia, Granddaddy says tell you he thinks you are beautiful!

Jenny said...

She is so cute! That hairstyle is perfect for her sweet little face!

Sarah said...

I love it. Looks sooo great. I love long hair on little girls but it is so much to keep up with. I am sure you both are happy with it.

Mrs. Stam said...

she looks absolutely ADORABLE!!!!

Shannon said...

Oh my! She is sooo cute with it cute! I love it! I have debated on getting Squishy's hair cut short too. hmmmmm, we'll have to see.

HollyElise said...

Oh so cute! I love it.

Tonya said...

What a cute haircut! Though, I think I will be sad when my girl wants to cut her hair short someday.

Lisa said...

Isn't she precious! I'm glad she's pleased with it.

Jaime said...

This is adorable!!! Love her new cut!

Misty said...

I love that haircut on girls - they look so stylish yet pixie like at the same time.

Stillmary said...

Great post. I love the progression toward the new look and I love her expressions along the way!

Meg said...

Too cute! I love the "bob" cut!

Leila said...

I love that "bob" cut! All my girls (except Rosie) have had that cut at that age, and I think it's just darling -- the best! It's super cute and they really can take care of it themselves (with maybe a barrette from Mama), rather than having the daily tears over brushing. Well done!