Monday, November 28, 2011

The Day After Thanksgiving Break

Coming off of Thanksgiving Break, having a great visit with family, traveling 5 or 6 hours one way back home...

is a hard way to start a week.

We were all soo off this morning...

the kids that don't usually fuss, fussed.
the Momma striving to be patient and enjoy each day, fussed.
the baby, fussed.
the house seemed to fuss, too... it needed some attention!

A word of encouragement from a wise woman ," It always takes a little bit of time to get back into your routine after a break!"

But amazingly enough, we completed a decent amount of work and headed out into the beautiful fall day that we were given;) Yes, every beautiful day is nice, but today it was truly a gift!... especially since the last time I saw a weather report it was supposed to be a rainy day!

And the little list of gifts goes on...

310. silly conversations with a little boy
311. laughter over chaos
312. fried dumplings (a reminder of missions trip)
313. super warm fall day
314. picnic-ing on a blanket
315. chicken nuggets in the freezer for picnic
316. joys of jumping into leaves
317. children eager for Christmas decorations
318. little helpers
319. the happy dance
320. sweet decor reminders of this special season
321. fun math activities
322. happily working together... at least for a few moments;)

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Great pictures! I can't believe you all were outside with tank tops and shorts on! It's cold here! We had flurries this morning.

It was hard for us to get back to school today, but mostly because I was so tired!