Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Giraffe #4

I"m not big about Halloween costumes. The kids and I usually talk about what they want to be and we find stuff to "make it work". And unfortunately this year I never got a decent shot of all of them dressed up :(

This was as close as I got....blurry, fussy babe wrapped in his blanket by his older brother trying to comfort him... not sure it's working, but Chris tried;)


The girls wanted to be cowgirls (yes, Lydia "dressed up"!!) probably because of our visit to the Rodeo the week before last. We were very fortunate on Tuesday before Halloween to find some cowgirl boots Anna adores at Once Upon a Child... oh, and her top, too!!

Chris wanted to be a soccer player.... LOL!! So he put on his soccer uniform... ta-da! A costume;)

Nate had his chance to wear the giraffe outfit this Halloween....
Giraffe #4 enjoying a pack of stolen Smarties;)

Cowgirl Lydia walking Nate to a fall festival.

it's been a bit of a "tradition" for the kids to all have worn it for their 1st Halloween costume.

This is reposted from Oct 2008:)

The costume I hoped Lydia would wear this year was a giraffe costume... Grammie picked the costume up on a clearance rack only weeks after telling her I was pregnant with Anna (our 1st born). She figured a little boy or girl could wear the costume:)

We've gotten our use out of the costume!! 
Anna has worn it once, Christopher was worn it twice and ....

now I'm sticking it on my third kiddo, and she was NOT happy about it!!

Lydia did warm up to it a little bit... although it looked a little too small for who knows if we'll actually leave the house with it on her this year:)

Here's Christopher wearing the giraffe in 2006! He was just a crawler then... soo cute!!

And Anna downtown trick-or-treating in 2005!!

So it's sweet that Nate got to wear it! And easy for this Momma, who had some pretty simple costumes this year!!! But I have to admit that I'm really digging Sarah's Lego costume... I think we'll have plenty of boxes next year... LOL!! We could make a Lego family:) LOL!!

Sharing our cool pumpkins again for You Capture this week;)


The 8th pic (or 1st pumpkin pic) is for little somethings;)

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Cascia Talbert said...

Beautiful photography! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Jenny said...

I do remember your post about Lydia wearing the giraffe costume!

Sarah said...

Great shots. You should totally do a lego family. I think we may next year. ha ha.

Jenny said...

They all looked adorable in the giraffe costume! How fun that they all got to wear it.

jackie said...

i LOVE the giraffe costume...what is not to love! very adorable! and very cool pumpkin.