Friday, November 25, 2011

Chris is 6!!

Last night we got to reflect on a special Thanksgiving night 6 years ago...

the night we traveled to the hospital to deliver our little boy...

when our little, sweet family of 3... turned into a louder, busier, rougher, sillier home with a little boy...

our Chris!!

So today with the errands and running around, we've also celebrated Chris' birthday:) A hot dog lunch, a chocolate spider cake...


 "Legos" being put together

and some sword fighting in the yard!!



Chris is 45.5 inches tall and weighs  about 45 lbs

IMG_0589His favorites:

Color : Blue
Food : Hot Dogs
Treat: Trader Joe's soy ice cream
Subject: Reading [this momma is doing the "happy dance"... LOL!!]
Animal: Crocodiles, Lizards
Do inside: Play with Legos
Outside Activity: Play soccer and football
Toys: Dart gun 
Restaurant: McDonalds
Book: Piggie & Elephant books by Mo Willems
Movie:How to Train Your Dragon
PBSkids Show: Wild Kratts

Goals for his 6th year: Learn Sign Language (funny because I just was contacted about reviewing these online ASL courses!)

When you ask him what he wants to be when he "grows up" he'll respond "a fire engine man"! But on Wednesday night he said that he wanted to teach blind children to read... a very noble job... but then when I asked him why he wanted to have that job he responded, "to make money!!"

And what is the coolest thing about being 6?? He responded, "that you are bigger than your little sister!"

Here's is last years stats and questions, so they can be compared;)

Happy Birthday, Chris!!!

We love you!


Jenny said...

Happy Birthday to Chris! LOL about teaching blind children to read to make money. He is funny!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chris! I am wishing you all the very best. Your cake looks great. How did it taste?
I hope I will have a son like Chris one day, too, loud and all boy, but also with a warm heart and charming!