Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WW: Spider Web & The Tongue Slide

When we spent a few days with grandparents last week, we spent a little time (on a very freezing cold day) at a "new" park! We've actually played on the old one before and the kids have been eye-ing it from the highway for months now! So it was fun to explore this "new" playground!
IMG_0456 - Copy

This park had a great variety of toys...
IMG_0470 - Copy

some things we have never seen before!!

Have you ever wanted to climb into a spider web... and not get all sticky or worried a spider is on you? This one was obviously a favorite;)

IMG_0464 - Copy

Chris made plenty of time to "hang out" !!
IMG_0462 - Copy

And this???? Does anyone know what this is?

I nicknamed it The Tongue Slide.... and my brave Anna took it on;)

It kind of got a little challenging to slide in the middle ;)

and any other linkys I find !!!


Felicia said...

Man!! That really is a NEW playground!

Anonymous said...

How fun!! That tongue slide is nuts!