Friday, November 11, 2011

The Week the Grandparents Helped Homeschool;)

What another crazy week;)

First it was our "adventurous" trip to the state capital. I had Grandma in tears laughing at all the details I left out of the blog post... I'm never sure how much you really want to know... LOL!! Like how I really found out that Nate's pants were messy... I mean extremely disguising :/

Tuesday afternoon we headed home after a quick swim. At home we got unpacked a bit, checked email and then ran to town to get some errands for our future home completed. I haven't blogged about it because nothing is finalized yet.... not until the loan goes through. The last date I saw for a possible closing on the loan was for NEXT year.... <groan>... I'm soo ready to feel settled... got some more waiting to do.

Wednesday we schooled;) Ahhhh... back on schedule;)  I was very pleased with all we accomplished on our 1st "school" day of the week, the kids jumped right back into the "totally new, non-napping Nate" schedule. We covered the basics... math, reading, memory verses, free writing, Grammar, spelling and yes, even reading some history;)

That afternoon Grandma and Grandaddy came to visit:) Tried to get some family pictures, Brian got tied up at work :( So  this was the best one:)

I always worry that with the excitement with grandparents visiting the kids wouldn't be able to stay focused. But thankfully Thursday went well.... again covering the basics (like Wednesday) and then figuring out what some seeds, leaves and other nature things were that they brought in after a morning walk with Grandaddy:) Of course the microscope had to be pulled out, too... lol, Grandma would want me to confess that I like Science as much as the kids;)

With a flexible, simple plan, homeschooling with the grandparents turned out perfect... too bad they don't live closer :( They could come everyday to help out;)

Chris reading with Grandaddy

Anna and Grandma working on spelling

Lydia and I working on her spelling... she wanted to do beans versus Play-Doh:)

It doesn't seem possible that with extra people and distractions in the house our days schooling with Grandma and Grandaddy went very smoothly;) I'm soo thankful for grandparents who are soo supportive of us homeschooling. They know our heart for our children and our desire for them to have a solid education!! ANd they are willing to not only come to visit us but set aside time to school with us;)

It feels a little weird not sharing what we're doing for history this week:) We have started the chapter on the Pilgrims (Separatists and Dutch) coming to the New World and the 1st Thanksgiving. Our library had a TON of resources and it's always nice to "study the holidays". So we're going to stick with this chapter until Thanksgiving. Hopefully next week I can share our favorite Thanksgiving books and activities;)

I have really enjoyed reading the 10 Days... blogs through Heart of the Matter. WOW... very challenging. At Raising Arrows there is a great list of all the topics and contributors;)

These are a few of my favorites (hoping to read a few more this weekend..... when it might settle down a bit at my house!!)


Jenny said...

I'm the kind of person that likes details. I can only imagine how the scenario with Nate's dirty pants played out. LOL!

That is awesome the grandparents came and helped with school! How fun!

Laurabudcody said...

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Bunch of Barrons said...

That's awesome that grandma and grandpa got to help out with school! :) Cute pictures!