Saturday, November 12, 2011

Loving 18 Months:)

I took pictures to post for Nate's BIG 18 month milestone.... but in the busyness of life, the actual post got set aside :/

IMG_0001This month I realize why I love this age sooo much!!
I mean they are soo sweet and cuddly at the newborn stage!! And pretty easy to keep safe before they are moving!! And all the fun 1st milestones between 9 - 13 months!!

But for me... I love 18+ months!! When they are soo crazy curious about EVERYTHING!!

Sure, there are challenges! Times when I'm ready for nap/bedtime to come a little earlier;) But there are also plenty of times I just try to excuse the extra toys that are getting left around the house and enjoy this very fun stage;)

The Stats:
  • Weight:
  • Height:
  •  Sometimes still gets a morning nap, but ALWAYS an afternoon one;)
  • Size 24 month/2T tops and 18/24 month pants
  • Size 6 shoes/boots :)
  • Tons of teeth... just waiting for another set or two of molars
Favorite & New Foods:
  •  Bagels is still a favorite
  • Grapes
  • Raw carrots
  • Just discovered Green Pepper... loves them:)
  • A Candy-holic... this is disappointing to me, since with my others I really held off on candy, but he's determined to eat what his siblings eat

New Tricks: 
  • Climbing over the gate at the bottom of the stairs... now it just slows him down :)
  • Dancing with his fits in the air... this kid has rhythm;)
  • Following one direction at a time
  • Taking us by the hand to lead us to where he wants to go
  • He's not saying a lot new words, he'll "bark" when you ask him what a dog says;) or say "ouch" if he bumps a body part or falls on his bottom
  • And "me", "my", "mine" are over used!
  • He throws balls 
  • He is trying to "jump"... soo cute to see him hop up but not have both feet leave the ground;)

Bad Habits:
  • He's a taster... he will try to taste anything... ONCE
  • IMG_0002
  • He begs like a puppy...especially for snacks during meal prep or to be taken upstairs to the playroom
  • He's loud;)
  • He does a pout face when he doesn't get his way... he still usually doesn't get what he wants but it's such a funny little face
  • He still hates having his teeth brushed, he does better when I make up a silly teeth song:)

Momma's Thoughts
Again, I just love this stage!

We're having to correct more... he's quite the rascal about getting onto the table, although now he's very destructive:) So that can be very challenging and keeps me on my toes:)

While he asks for stuff and will fuss, I've noticed that he's not very strong-willed. He'll be stubborn and try to pitch a fit, but it doesn't last long.... for which I am very thankful. I'm hoping some if it is his personality and possibly me "holding my own" !

He is The Entertainer!!! We have seen this side of him every time he has warmed up to visitors in our home or is trying to get his siblings attention!! He'll dance and dance!! Side across the floor backwards on his belly!! Anything that causes people to giggle at him... aka an audience!

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    Candace McClintick said...

    these pictures show of the mischievousness of this age perfectly!! great captures!

    Jenny said...

    Cute pics!

    Jaymi said...

    really cute shots, I love the last one!

    Sheila said...

    What an adorable little boy you have and I agree that this stage is so exciting!

    Sarah said...

    Aww. He is so cute! I love these!

    Shanna said...

    What a handsome little guy. Perfect age to keep you running and entertained.