Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Road Trip with Kids

On Sunday the kids and I hopped in the van for a road trip with Brian. He had a conference for work in our state capital, so we thought it would be a fun family road trip... Brian do the conference-thing and the kids and I swim in the hotel pool and check out the great, free, state museums. A simple trip :)


LOL... everyone knows traveling with kids is NEVER that easy:)

Throw in a hotel with no fridge, microwave or free continental breakfast. Then add food allergies:)

No complimentary Wi-Fi (and I forgot the book I had been reading)!! A mixed up in hotel room arrangements, so all of us stayed in one room! And very excited kids!

Sunday night we did swim:)

And then grilled hot dogs on the George Forman:)  

We made it work... even the sleeping arrangements were fine!


Monday was almost a disaster :/

Fussy kids, multiple trips from the van to the room and back to the van, locking all of us OUT of the room, major disgusting blow-out diaper with no extra pants, lost Doggie (later miraculously recovered... really a miracle to loose Doggie in the state capital on a busy day and actually find him!), running a kid to the bathroom to vomit with three other kids trailing behind....

I really wondered if it was worth it :(

We did make it to the museums for a bit (before the diaper incident). 





As I looked through the pictures, I saw the sweet memories that we DID have! How much we saw at the museums! How much fun the kids had exploring different exhibits! How Nate likes elevators now... sort of;) And the beautiful evening walk with Daddy:)


Tuesday I wanted to head back the museums in the morning because I felt like we had missed soo much with our early and quick departure the day before;) But then wisdom kicked in.... the kids really wanted to swim again:) Enjoying a simple morning packing up, swimming and heading home was much more enjoyable;)

Did we have the "perfect" vacation?

LOL... not very relaxing... kind of stressful :/

But we overcame the challenges. We all stayed healthy and safe! And did enjoy one another's company.... even if it included living in one room, dirty diapers, cooking in the bathroom and some attitude adjustments... just a part of our season right now wherever we travel:)
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Jenny said...

Oh boy, what a trip! That first pic tells the whole story.

Sorry about the vomiting, that is always a bummer on vacation!

Kelly @ In Everything said...

I should have clarified that the vomit was a one-time event! Thankfully!!

One of my children is very sensitive to smells (and a little dramatic.... LOL!!). SO it was a weird smell that triggered the run to the bathroom! Just added to our crazy day:)

Felicia said...

The second picture is AWESOME!

Sarah said...

Great shots. It is so hard traveling with kids.

Lea said...

I HEAR YOU! We took a road trip with our baby and 12 year old (I have linked the experience to my name here) and it was quite an experience for sure. Not just the drive with a baby that did not like riding in a car at that time (He loves it now). Despite the lack of hotel amenities, it looks like your children had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing :) BTW - I am a new follower catching up from Wordless Wednesday - Hugs & Blessing :)

Jessica said...

You are a brave soul!!!

SocialStudiesSoubrette said...

Isn't it nice to look at pictures and realize that there were cool moments? So cool that you were able to relax on the last morning and let the kids work out some of that energy before the car trip home. Sounds like fun, sort of, but isn't any outing with kids always on the verge of stressful? hehe ;D

Sue said...

Love your Sweet Shot Tuesday offering! So clever and fun.

In fact, all of these pictures are GREAT.