Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Trim that Happened

Well Thursday afternoon we headed to a local salon to get Lydia and my hair cut... or I should say trimmed!!

When we pulled up, I thought the plan might have to change to just one of us getting a haircut. Lydia was not wanting to go in the store:) LOL... I seriously thought she wasn't going to do it.

I was thankful that the hair stylist was soo understanding. She immediately said that she wasn't interested in MAKING her get a haircut... I firmly agreed:)

I went first and Lydia just stood around and watched EVERYTHING!! Then she warmed up a bit and actually sat in a chair offered by the stylist so she could sit next to me:)

When my turn was over, I asked Lydia if she was ready. I did remind her of the prize awaiting her... her very own Sonic Slushy... usually they split them since the kids are little and usually can't finish the whole one on their own! It was enough....

The SOOC pics tell the story:)

She did an EXCELLENT job!! I was soo proud of her;) I loved how she immediately checked her hair to feel how much had been cut off;) And it wasn't much... just enough to get the dead ends off and have the experience!!

Within the hour as we were walking through Walmart together, so she could spend a gift card she had from her birthday, Lydia asked if she could get her haircut again next week:) LOL!! Too cute!!

I also thought it was cute that she bought items with her gift card that she could share with Anna and Chris... a pack of gum and a movie she thought they would like, too! And yes, she even shared her coveted Sonic Slushy with her siblings!! Such a sweetie!

SOOC Saturday


grandma/granddaddy said...

Such a beautiful little girl!!!!!

Susie B. Homemaker said...

Wow, her hair is long! Glad she ended up enjoying the experience. My oldest loves going to the salon with mommy (she's 5). Very sweet of your daughter to share her prize also. :p

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Beautiful! She did a GREAT job!


Marvelous Mommy said...

Aw I love all the pics! Her hair is so long!

Jenny said...

These are great pics! I love that second one, it looks like she's thinking pretty hard about it.

Oh and that hairdresser reminds me how bad I need some highlights!

Babs H said...

Yea!!!! She is such a sweetie!

Anonymous said...

She is so sweet. Her hair looks so good. Really healthy looking now. :)

Bea said...

I love it!!! she looks gorgeous!!!