Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Chris: I want to live in our "new house" ** when Mommy and Daddy get too old to live there.... They are getting older and they will soon be my kids Grandma and Grandaddy.

Lydia: Chris, that means you will be a grown up, it takes a long time to be a grown up. We are just kids, we have a LONG wait until we can be grown ups.

Chris: Well, that is where I want to live when I am a grown up:)

** He is referring to the house we are hoping to move into when it's approved and done... sigh.... we've already started calling it "our new house"... but alas, it isn't that yet.... yet... sigh...


On a recent bike ride, we were deciding whether to ride down to the river. It's a really pretty view and a really steep hill to peddle back up.

Anna offered her opinion,"It would be breathtaking..."

I realized she was talking about the steep hill that she would have to get back up... not the view :)

Then Chris pipes up,"Well then, I'll take it!!"... meaning he was ready for the adventure;)


IMG_9829Our girls' hair is WAY too long. Lydia's is thin and seems to be easier to care for. But Anna has super thick hair that is getting harder and harder to brush through.

In frustration, while brushing out twigs and leaves from jumping on the trampoline, I told Brian we needed to cut off about a "foot" of hair.

Lydia was walking by. She overheard the converation and exclaimed, "What! You need to cut off her foot!!"

From the picture you can see that her hair is WAY long and definitely needs a trim (or something)!!!


 I love this picture:)
She looks soo grown to me...

it's such a reminder that I will soon have a pre-teen on my hands! Oh, how quickly my "little" girl is growing up! And how many more moments I need to take to encourage her heart and pour love out on her... she's got such a beautiful little, sensitive heart!! And she's a super big help to me and so giving to her younger siblings!


Jenny said...

Her hair is gorgeous!

LOL about Chris taking the house when he grows up. Abby tells me all of the time that she's going to live here and Dave and I will have to live somewhere else.

Angela said...

Have you thought about talking to Anna about donating her hair to Locks of Love? Maybe if she knows it would go to a little girl that doesn't have hair she would be willing to offer hers.

Kelly @ In Everything said...

Actually the last time she cut her hair was when she was 5!! And she donated to Locks of Love and received a little Thank You card back. She just likes her hair long:) And really it's fine with me... as long as it is kept clean and brushed!

Here's the post from 2009!

Bunch of Barrons said...

Haha! "Breathtaking" might also describe me trying to get up the stairs these days then. ;)