Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WFMW : Fruit Fly Trap

My friend Shannon posted a Pinterest inspired fruit fly trap that they had used to help their fruit fly problem!

guess who also has a fruit fly problem???

we do!!

So this afternoon we made our own Fruit Fly Trap to catch the few that we're driving us crazy:)


Mine wasn't pretty....
  • scrap piece of construction paper ... made into a cone with a tiny whole at the end
  • nasty, overripe banana that had been hiding in the fridge escaping from the fruit flies
  • good 'ole, reliable duct tape;)
but it worked:)


And the kids are soo excited about their new "pets" ... LOL!!

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Jenny said...

LOL about the new pets!

BusyMom said...

Too funny! I posted about a gnat trap this week too! Mine used an empty 2 L.

Amber said...

Oh my word! I love you! Thank you for doing this! I have had fruit flies for over a week, and they're driving me crazy.

Shannon said...

So glad that you tried it!! It worked so well for us! Although, disgusting it works!!! It's so funny that your kids refer to them as pets b/c Nacho said we have 2 pets now the fish and our fruit response, um, no honey fruit flies are not pets!!