Friday, October 7, 2011

Just Random Thoughts

Sometimes I find it soo hard to blog...

it's not that I don't have anything to write.... it's just that sometimes I am process soo much and I"m not sure what to write. What to share, what to keep processing, what to keep to myself :/

A friend does a post called Mind Dump... LOL!!! So this is sort of one of those.... just getting out all those random thoughts!

* I sat with Anna Thursday while she read Ramona Quigley, Age 8. She is a great little reader. It was really sweet just spending a couple of moments with her while she read to me... giggling at the same stuff, helping her with a few really big words;)

*I've been reading a book about foster care... it's actually a review opportunity through SIMPLE. It gets into the nitty gritty of behaviors and emotional problems that foster children commonly have. But what has interest me the most are the parenting strategies to work with and demonstrate love to these children regardless of their problems... many are ones that I could use myself in working with my own kids during our "off" moments!

* I've been using Nate's diaper changing times this month singing songs/reciting poems about body parts! For some reason he is drawn to it and stays a little more still... for a moment;) Anyway... it's a fun time for us and we're getting a little learning in:) If your Happy and You Know it song and 2 Little Eyes poem  are our favorites!

*Maybe because of these songs or because he's just a curious and attentive little guy, Nate found his belly button this week... and he likes to point it out to others...


* I bought some Food Lion semi-sweet chocolate chips the other day... our safe chocolate chips... only to bring them home and see that they have changed the recipe.... grrr!! They now contain milk products and are manufactured with peanuts! I mean really???? Do they NOT know that food allergies are on the rise :(
* My mom went to her grocery store (a different company!!) and they were in a new package that said, "New Recipe... now made with milk!" Again.... thanks!! 

* So now we're on the hunt for safe chocolate chips... we're really missing chocolate chip cookies :(  We'll be glad to take suggestions, if anyone has any.... we've checked Food Lion, Walmart, Kroger, Piggly Wiggly...  I'm NOT looking forward to having to order them... that could get really expensive, especially the way THIS crew eats cookies;)

* We've been using the crock pot this week to help with dinners after soccer practice. It's been nice having an almost finished hot meal waiting for us after soccer! I'll have to do some "homework" this weekend finding new recipes for us!

* We had planned to opt out of snacks for soccer!! With the food allergies it's just another hassle that we can just avoid! Anyway, one of the other teammates has food allergies, too, and so the other moms are going to try to bring one fruit item that would be "safe" for everyone.... YAY!!

*Nate's been trying to climb out of his crib.... we've already unbunked the bunk beds since I found him climbing up the side! We knew it was a matter of time.... so we'll be training a little boy how to stay in bed!! I really wanted him to stay in the crib a little longer... gives me extra shower and school time!

* We've had a totally change of heart about the location we are hoping to move. We thought the bigger city was the best fit for us... but after some conversations and hoping to stay a part of the community we're now looking into moving into a neighboring town/area. It's got lots of pluses, some minuses... just trying to process it right now... a little disappointed and a little relieved :/

* I've got some homeschooling paperwork to get done... I've been putting it off until we knew a little more about our location... but I really don't like having it left undone.

* I think my 1st Bible study with the homeschooling ladies is next week... I really, really, really want to go... not sure it's possible for Brian to bring all 4 kids by himself to the soccer game!! Taking the crew to the soccer field requires many hands and eyes... Nate is everywhere!

* I let Chris use a foam dart gun for one of his review tasks this week.... LOL!! It was a little crazy with darts flying everywhere and the girls begging for a turn.... reviewing his spelling words;)

* We used bottle of Sprite for a school assignment this week :)  The kids hid under the table because they thought it was going to explode.... ha haaaha!  

Hmmm, foam dart guns and Sprite.... what in the world are we studying??? I'll post our wrap-up sometime this weekend... hopefully!


Drea said...

Oh stink abt the chocolate!! ill keep my eye out for some too, k? Also we have amazon prime so if you do find some online thru amazon, I can maybe order it for you. That way you save shipping cost, then you can just ship us a check for what you paid. Just a thought. We can ship anywhere with our amazon prime.

Nates so cute with his body part discovery ;-)

Rachel Owens said...

Check out Enjoy Life Foods chocolate chips. They are mini sized and more like semi sweet chocolate chips. But honestly, I'm so used to them now that I don't miss the milk chocolate. I ate a piece of milk chocolate the other day and was like "ewww, this is not as good as I remembered!" Yes, they are expensive, but at least you can still have chocolate as a family. I know thru (think that is it) you can buy a 5 lb. bag!! The shipping is what kills you the most. I have found these chips at Publix (you don't have those, do you?) and Krogers (along with Whole Foods sometimes). Hope that all helps!

Jenny said...

Bummer about the chocolate chips! How annoying!

Good luck with your house hunting. I just know it will all work out!

LOL about Nate and finding his belly button, cute. Yikes that he's such a climber.

JAH said...

We love Enjoy Life food chocolate chips too. I've found the best deal on Amazon. If they are out of them, keep checking back. They tend to sell out quickly.

If you're not concerned about soy, then Baker's chocolate chunks and Ghiradelli semi-sweet were dairy free last time I checked. Do you need to avoid things that are processed in a facility with milk? If not, then Whole Foods and Trader Joe's semisweet chocolate chips may be safe. Hope you find something. I hate when something you love and get use to having changes their manufacturing. Hope it's a short hunt!

Bunch of Barrons said...

That stinks about the chocolate chips...hope you find some!

grandma said...

I checked at Publix--no luck but I asked them to see about ordering without milk and they will try.

we;ll see