Thursday, October 6, 2011

He's #9

Chris finally started soccer on Tuesday night. He has been asking for almost 2 years to play... when he was a little, little guy and we've had to "wait" until he was old enough to play... or so we were told  (there are 4 yr olds on his team!).


But this has been the perfect timing though (for us)! 
I think he is mature enough to listen to instructions! And to pay attention.... 



He also has "practiced" with us for years now and knows a little bit about kicking, getting the ball in the goal and not using hands.


And with how busy Brian has been the last 14 months! But now with only working at the college (and teaching a couple classes) he gets off of work in time for practice and to see the games... without soo much on him when he gets home:)


Since we are on a "beginning" team, 
the kids are going to be rotated through all the positions (simplified positions)... 

Chris liked being the goal keeper :)

I have to mention that we have the cutest little ball boy this year, too!!


I get the BEST job:) Keeping track of the ball boy, taking pictures of my soccer player and cheering him on! I didn't realize I'd be a loud "cheer-er"... I"m having to contain myself and stick with chasing after the babe:) And chatting with other parents!

Go, Go, #9!!


Another perk to a "small" town soccer club.... friends;)


Yay for soccer season!! My little soccer player! My big helpers;) And my zoom... LOL!!!

Entering the pic of Chris on his head in the middle of the game to here... (although it was hard to choose!)

and here;)
and then, she {snapped}


Jenny said...

Cute, cute, cute! Chris looks like he's loving soccer! These pics are so great!

Sarah said...

How fun. We were kicking a ball around last night. I think Dustyn would love playing soccer.

grandma said...

Granddaddy says tell Chris that he is very impressed with his form on the soccer field! "He's really lookin' good!"

rachel said...

these are so fun! we are a soccer family this year too. well, I don't go unless it's nice out. I save the rainy practices for the hubby. ; ) thanks for linking uP!