Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Rodeo

I've never considered myself a "country girl"...

Some say I developed a "drawl" while at college in the "heart of Virginia":)

My family accuses me of "cooking country" now;)

Besides one day owning a pair of boots (which I have been on the hunt now for 2 YEARS!!), attending our 1st Rodeo was probably the turning point :) LOL!!!

Beautiful horse, young lady & flag galloping around the arena to the song "Proud to Be an American"

bucking bronco

steer wrestling...  you should have seen the concerned looks on my kids' faces!

ladies barrel racing

Yeeee-haw,  folks;)

The 1st pic is for the natural beauty challenge at Simplicity.
The 3rd is for communal global.

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Jenny said...

That does look fun!

Stasha said...

Great shots. I take a lot of photos of horses and it is not for the fainthearted, but yours are very clear and crisp!! :)

Mom Blog Society said...

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Anonymous said...

How fun! Great shots. Carsyn's Occupational Therapist went there.

Faith said...

Your kids are SO cute!! Happy WW! :)

Allison Hoffman said...

the first shot with the flag is great!! We went to our first rodeo a couple years ago - fun for both kids and parents!

Bethany said...

Nice shots!

Life with Kaishon said...

I love the song Proud to be an American. Super nice pitures.

Meryl said...

Looks exciting. I've never been to a rodeo...

Deborah said...

Love the rodeo! I have a young friend who does barrel racing, too .. it's so fun to watch! Just wish I could find a pair of boots, too!! :) I'm visiting from Simplicity's site ... enjoy the weekend!