Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday : Math Story & "mine"

I had to include CHris' math story as Tiny Talk:) He had to make a story using the math equation 6-2 = 4. This was his response...

**just an FYI... he dictated it to me. I wrote it down on the wipe board and he copied it onto his paper:)


Nate has shared a new word with us since last week... "my". He says "my" as he reaches out his hand to get whatever it is he wants.

OK, it's totally adorable. Usually!! Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck with the seagulls from Nemo... "mine", "mine", "mine, mine", "mine"!!

Our favorite "my" event with Nate so far was at birthday we attended over the weekend. Nate was sitting on Brian's lap while Brian ate and I fixed Nate's plate.

Nate took a chip off of Brian's plate and when Brian gave him a questioning look, Nate responded "my" !!


And this is a dose of reality at my house:)

I was preparing to take the 4 kids with me to the grocery store. As we were on the way, I took the time to explain to the kids that we needed to have good manners at the store(s), something I often do:) Usually we go through the short list of goals for us....

* Stay with the cart
* No running through the aisles
* No wrestling, keep your hands to yourself ( usually happens while I'm reading labels)
* Don't touch/pick up something unless you are asked or are going to purchase it

But this time as I made the short statement that we needed to have good store manners, I heard from the back...


And that spoke volumes to how our grocery trip went... let's just say only two children got to have the "good behavior" treat in the car :/


Sarah said...

So funny about Nate and my. If you have something Carsyn wants he will let you know. Ha ha! I still don't know how you go grocery shopping with them alone.:)

Drea said...

oh my! lol Chris! :) thats hilarious.

Jenny said...

Uh-oh about the grocery trip! LOL at Chris' story. That is funny!

Grandma said...

Christopher---very impressed with your word problem in Math!