Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up : oil & water, skating & pumpkins

Memorizing 1 Corinthians 13: 4 & 5.... still loving the conversations about the meaning and applications of the verses and words. Lots of good conversations.

One day we deviated from the Psalms reading and I read to them about wisdom from Proverbs. Pretty cool that this week our Virtues story was about King David who eventually was the father of Solomon!

Language Arts

Anna finished her Ramona book and had been begging to get another;) She's also be diagramming sentences like a champ!! This week's two spelling units were tough... but she studied and tested well!! And loves to spelling "naughty" for her siblings... when they talk about naughty cat:)

Lydia worked on another unit from You Can Read. She makes it look too easy! But at the end of the week, she can recall how to spell them and can find them in books;) We have left up all her words on the wall so she can continue to practice them... I think she's proud of her coloring;) She also completed a long lesson in Ordinary Parents.

Lydia and Chris did a few Grammar lessons... learning that place names are nouns and their city and state names!

Chris worked on spelling and reading too! For his spelling sentences he made up a story about visiting Grandma and Grandaddy using all the words! He worked a few days in Ordinary Parents and then Friday he read a Mo Willems book to Lydia and I!!

All the kids completed at least 4 lessons this week. As much as I want them to do 5 a piece, I got to counting... 4 lessons a week is a LOT of lessons. That would mean I technically teach 12 math lessons (4 lessons to each of my 3 kids)!! That's a lot!! So I'm pleased with 4;)

Anna worked on reading a thermometer and fractions! She makes it look soo easy!!


Lydia did more addition practice and started writing addition sentences. Chris did congruent shapes and started to learn the subtracting 3 facts.

This week we discussed William of Orange (Netherlands) and Mary, Queen of Scots. I am amazed at what the kids remember from reading, reviewing, coloring pictures, narrating and telling Daddy at dinner:) Unfortunately there weren't any activities that we did this week :(

We've read a few more pages of the Everyday Chemicals book while we prepared for a different experiment. But as we read about oil and water not "mixing" with each other and then how it is repelled by detergent and what solvents are.... we deviated from the plans! So we did the classic oil and water experiments...


Trying to mix them...


And then dropping the detergent to watch the oil get pushed to the edges.

Since we had done an experiment where the two "chemicals" didn't mix.... we decided to do a another "experiment" where they DO mix:)
Cookies :)

We spent early Wednesday morning getting some of Anna's "core" work in and then we packed up for a homeschool skate;) The kids have a blast at these and I really like us meeting other homeschooling families...


Since it's not as busy, they let the younger kiddos bring all sorts of riding toys... or they can go out, just to walk around;)

Nate really wanted to skate!!

After the skating party we went to a community pumpkin "patch"... play at the playground, color pumpkins

and make new friends;)
Lydia loved the horse... asking questions and petting. Charlie got plenty of loving from Lydia!

even Nate tried!



They really want a miniature horse now;) LOL!!

Picture of the Week
My attempt at a "pumpkin patch picture, knowing that we were all very tired after a busy and full day on Wednesday

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Our Side of the Mountain said...

Look at Nate's curls! Love those curlies! (I miss Sam's curls now that his hair is cut short!)

Looks like a GREAT week! Are you using First Language Lessons? Sounds like some of the same stuff Sam is doing in Level 1. (I know Level 2 is similar to 1.)

Drea said...

we miss yall! Anna looks SO TALL in that one photo with the skates. Nate is just like Owen in the last one ;-)

Beth said...

Love the science experiment! So simple, but so fun! I am starting a Linky Party if you want to link up at

Jenny said...

Those curls are so cute! LOL about the pumpkin patch picture, at least you tried!

It looks like it was a fun day!