Monday, October 10, 2011

Friends Who Understand Food Allergies

IMG_9308Since figuring out our food allergies the idea of having a meal out is frightening... at a restaurant, a friend's house, church social, birthday parties and even snack at soccer !! Food is everywhere and included during most celebrations!!

For many years I have brought our own foods to new places to eat... to church socials, to friends' and yes, I often bring food (at least for the kids and dressing for Brian's salad) into restaurants!! For me it's their safety which is very important.

And before you think I'm some CRAZED, hovering, micro-managing mama... let me tell you that besides their initial reactions at home that told us our kids have food allergies, all the rest have happened while out-to-eat or eating with friends/family.

But things are changing....

 * maybe it's that food allergies are becoming more common and so there is more awareness

 * maybe my kids are getting older taking some of the responsibility on themselves

 * maybe I talk about it too much

 * or maybe we have the BEST FRIENDS in the WORLD :)

Friends that we used to eat with often, church members who fix special plates for us, soccer moms being sure they bring one "safe" food for my child, grandparents that check and double check ingredients and now homeschooling friends fixing a birthday meal with us in mind...

We are soo thankful for the community around us that reads labels and goes totally out of the way to be sure that my kids  feel normal around their peers!!

My food allergy kids can participate in eating cake at a birthday party....

and scooping up candy from a pinata!!

297. We thank you:).... all of you:)

And this week we were very honored to be served in this way at their children's birthday party!! Oh, and we had a blast too;)

298. safe birthday cake
299. friends who understand food allergies
300.. learning to play cornhole with Daddy

301. swinging with a friend
302. working together with friends
303. flying airplanes
304. a friend to call during "one of those days"... love you:)
305. hanging out on the bed together
306. seeing the kids hide under the table during science
307. fall decor
308. fluffy clouds
309. trampoline exercising


Drea said...

You know, with us not being there any more, I still find myself reading labels! lol... like for semisweet chocolate morsals now, as if I have to make you all cookies or something :)

We will never forget the days with food allergy friendly birthday cakes and so on. Great memories :)

Praying for the house hunt this week!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing all the happy faces of the children!

Sarah said...

I love this so much. Such a fun time and how relaxing for you!

tiffany@teawithtiffany said...

I love your sweet pics and list. I have a friend whose daughter has food allergies, it's definitely a battle. Thanks for popping by my blog. I usually add pics with my posts like you have but I didn't this Monday. :)God bless you, Tiffany

Alida said...

What a joy to have friends and family who care!

continued joy & blessings to you,

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Sounds like you have the best friends! What a sweet blessing to have loving people like that in your life. Your family is beautiful. Love the photos!

Jenny said...

Reading Drea's comment made me so sad that you all don't live near each other anymore. I know that you were so close.

That is so awesome that your kids got to participate with the other kids and eat cake!

Latasha said...

Kelly, just wanted to show some bloggy love and let you know I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award, here is the link to the post on my site for the details