Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Not 12 Miles Away Anymore :(

We are remembering our special friends who are driving a moving van on the way to their new home.... very far away!!

The Wood family has been apart of our lives for years now. We have watched eachother's kids grow up (and us too... LOL!!!) since before Lydia and Taite were walking... just at 4 years ago!

After much prayer of having a friend to hang out with at the park and visit and share meals with and even have some ladies nights!! ... the Woods came into our lives. They are an "on the go" family and so we enjoyed many trips with them.... parks, meals at each other's homes, fireworks, street fairs, birthdays, lunch after library times and the zoo:)

We've also lived through many ups and downs together! Changes in our families, church service as a pastor's wife , busy husbands, family decisions, new babies, homeschooling and many others! Having another mom in the same season has been a blessing... not that we do everything alike, but it's nice to have someone to "bounce stuff off of" and to attempt to "enjoy the season" together.

No doubt one of the reason I enjoy blogging and carrying around my camera has been Andrea's influence on me. She has been an encouragement in pulling out some creative interests in me;)

On Monday we met up for lunch, not knowing whether we'd get to see each other again before they left. And took some pictures for fun:) So glad we met up !!


yes, we saw our two oldest holding hands! We've seen it before... here and here!

They looked soo grown and funny... sitting together "talking".

And these little guys... just 6 weeks apart! No doubt they will change the most by the time we see the Woods again!

We're soo thankful for the sweet and simple memories of gatherings throughout these 4 years!!!

March 2008 - visiting the VA Zoo together
The Bunch

February 2009 - a normal park day:)

November 2009 - a local Civil War reenactment

March 2010 - preggo bellies:) Just days before Owen's birth
preggo Bellys

March 2010 - One of the most amazing experiences of my life...
photographing the birth of Owen!!

We know that we'll be meeting up again...
but NOT because we are picnicing at the park
just 12 miles from our house :(

But with blogging, phones and FB...
we'll definitely be keeping up with you all!!!

We love you guys and are praying for this season to be one of
renewal, encouragement and a great adventure!

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*** ALL of the older pics were "lifted" off of Andrea's flickr or FB:)
***Anna wrote a sweet journal entry about the Woods leaving .... I have to ask her if i can share it!!


I am Harriet said...

How fun!

Have a great Wednesday!

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness. I teared up. This is so very sad. I am so sad they are moving.

Jenny said...

I'm so sad they are moving. You all seemed to hang out a lot and have so much fun. I'm sure the kids will miss their friends. I hope you are able to travel to see them sometime.

Shannon said...

sweet, sweet, sweet pictures!! We will miss them being close by as well!!

Drea said...

ok no more crying! lol ive been such a sobby mess today.. :( but i cant help it. Im going to miss you so much more than I can even express.

We will stay in touch and be close no matter what.

I hope the Lord brings us back together.


Esp since Caleb and Anna have to court one day teehee.