Saturday, August 13, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up : Stamping like Gutenburg, Swimming and Friends;)

It's been another record breaking week.... how many days can MOmma wash the bathing suits;) LOL!! Seems like summer is slipping by, but I feel like we've been LIVING it up this summer....

some school, some playing, and this week a LOT of water;)

MOnday we headed out to the library, run errands and get some groceries;) It was a LOT as usual for a "run into town day"!! But the kids have gotten used to "town" days and were definitely ready for naps when we returned home;)

Except Lydia.... Lydia and Chris PLAY for an hour (or more) in their beds, in separate rooms until they finally crash for a nap!

This week Lydia asked to work on her reading with me after everyone rested during nap time. Honestly, I wanted to rest too.... but here is my 4 yr old ASKING to learn to read. I definitely took her up on the offer each day Mon-Thurs!

Tuesday we had a "summer school" day:) The kids worked on the basics (math facts, reading skills) and then I pulled our our history section. We worked on Gutenburg (the Renaissance German printing press guy) and making potato stamps;)




Wednesday - Our plans had changed the night before and Daddy had our van in the shop for an oil change ;/ We started the day off a little differently with a bike ride;) Before we left I called a friend in town and asked if we could stop by and visit/play for a bit;)

It was such a delightful visit. Once the kids got accustomed to each other, they had a blast and asked for more time together;) Which lead to Thursday...

Thursday morning we prepared for our friends to come to our house. They painted grade level signs with us:) The boys raided the Legos and the girls watched or played with the kitchen set. We made it outside and played on the Slip 'n Slide, too;)

Anyway, it was soo nice to get a chance to visit and play with this sweet family! And such a great reminder to me to "just call" friends, even when I worry about interrupting their schedules!

And one of those days, we pulled out our letter stamps. One of our books about Gutenburg talked about printers having to carve out or prepare each letter. Using our letters showed the kids how long it would have taken...

Anna's stamp project was a little book of words;)

Thursday evening we were back in the pool:) But this time it was a celebration of Caleb's birthday:) It was fun to have his birthday early and get to celebrate with him since they will be moving next week and won't be close for his actual birthday!!

Friday we ventured to my parents'. We spent the morning, afternoon and evening swimming;) LOTS of swimming;) And I DID get to the homeschooling store and got a GREAT start to our curriculum for this year!!

After some encouragement, the 2 older kids got brave;) I'll be sharing the little fish pics soon:)

To spend more time with my Dad (Pey) we decided to spend the night (kind of last minute!!). He had a chemo treatment this week and some other issues that kept him uncomfortable :( I'm just really thankful we were able to get up there to see him and spend a little time with him!

Pics of the Week

Nate busy at the table, too!

Lydia taking a swimming break to look through our used, but "new to us" Bob books;)

Amazing that we have just another week before we head "back to school"!! We've been schooling on the "home" days... but starting soon SCHOOL will be the PRIORITY again.

Where did the summer go???

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Jenny said...

What a busy, but fun week.

I'm sorry to hear Pey is uncomfortable right now. I'm glad you got to spend the night to spend more time with him.

Sarah said...

Looks like a fun week. Adorable photos. Praying for Pey and you all.