Monday, August 8, 2011

The Schoolroom (this year)

I looked through my post last year of our homeschool room.... the room isn't going to change much this year...

Chris' workstation (although we all seem to use it, Nate likes it too!!)

but we have a LOT more on the shelves, just what we've acquired over the year...
a set of children's collections that we received from a neighbor
** the pink bag on the floor is our library bag! I have found it VERy helpful to have ONE place for library books that can be brought to the library!

more puzzles and games (Christmas, birthdays)

a little pull out couch... great for reading quietly in the schoolroom
(actually caught Daddy reading in there!!)

and we got a computer desk... not quite what I was hoping for:) I was looking for more storage and a file drawn to organize some of our seasonal supplies. Instead we got a nice desk that matches our living room furniture. But I LIKE that it's OUT of the schoolroom, we can monitor it more and it doesn't distract while others are working in the schoolroom.


And last year I started using workfiles with the kids. I didn't really train them to go in numeric order or anything, but it just helps to keep me organized and all their assignments right in FRONT of them:) I'm hoping to use that more effectively this year... I learn as I go;)


This year to help with all the papers, we're planning to use binders for everything. Everything that needs to be kept will be placed in the correct, labeled binder ASAP. So hopefully that will be mean no more end of the month paper sorting nights for this Momma:)

I just struggle with clutter... papers, projects, STUFF!!! I'm a good accumulator and then at once I will get all claustrophobic with all the STUFF. So this year I'm really hoping to continue to keep things more tidy (on Fridays we tidy up schoolroom together) and really use the workfile and binders to keep the papers in their places;)

AS messy and cluttered my schoolroom tends to become... I am soo very thankful to have a room for schooling. It's nice to leave the projects and lesson scattered on the table to grab a quick lunch or head out for the afternoon without it leaving a mess on the dinner table;) It's NOT necessary, but it is nice.

And I'm Linking up to Heart of the Matter: School Room week:) I really look forward to seeing other school rooms!!


Carrie said...

How great to have all those built-ins!!! :)

We are hoping to take better advantage of our library this year ... and I have just the bag to use to keep our books separated! Thanks - I hadn't thought yet how I'd accomplish that! ;)

grandma said...

very impressive

Jen @ Forever, For Always... said...

I too really needed a space to keep the library books separate. Over the summer my husband put up gutter shelves and they have worked great to keep our library finds in one spot. You have a great set-up!

Shannon said...

This is so exciting. I am currently in the process of cleaning out what use to be my husbands office to make room for a school room. I thought like you that it would be nice if we had to run out my kitchen table wouldn't be a mess with school supplies. I am going to post pics of the before and after so be watching. :)

melismama said...

Stopping by from the Not Back to School Hop! Don't you just love books! I dont think I know any homeschoolers who just dont book collect!


Katie said...

I would love to have all that shelving in my school room. everything looks great.

Kelly said...

Nice and pretty! I like having bookshelves. I don't think I would be able to live with out them!

texasmcvays said...

Nice! I really like how you've utilized as much space as possible for books! I also like the bench you can fit a lot of kiddos on that!

fixedonHIM said...

Love your space- so organized! Have a wonderful year!

Mattie said...

Love your room! Have a great year!