Tuesday, August 16, 2011

TTT: Buttons, Whitening Toothpaste, Singing Books

Lydia dressed herself and came walking in like she wanted to share something about her outfit;) She asked, "Mommy, do you know these pants?"

Me: Yes, those are new. Do you like them?

Lydia: Do you remember that these are the pants that fall down when I run. I didn't like wearing them because they fall down.

Me: Oh, we'll they look like they fit well. [as I look at the waist]

Lydia: I just ran and they didn't fall down.

Me: oh really?

Lydia: I know why they kept falling down. When they fall down it's because they aren't buttoned right here. [ as she points to the button on the waist.... she knows how to button now and fixed the problem].

While visiting my parents, I try to not "over" pack. So I only brought my own toothpaste. And as I guessed the kids were not happy about that choice:(

But I had to giggle when I found Anna brushing her teeth. She was brushing FAST because the toothpaste was too "spicy". She spit out all the extra toothpaste.

And then examined her teeth in the mirror...

She shook her head in disguised and said,"My teeth aren't any whiter! That toothpaste doesn't work!" LOL!!

She had read the tube of toothpaste that DOES claim to whiten after using the entire tube;)

She reads EVERYTHING!!


I went into the girls' room the other night and found Anna singing a book for Lydia (and Nate)! Instead of reading it, she said that Lydia listens better when it's a song, so she was singing from a Little Girl's Bible!

So I shouldn't have been found when we found Nate singing, too!!

BTW... we usually don't leave library books laying around for exactly this reason! Nate doesn't quite understand gentle with books yet!! He gets to use the board books;)


Abi @ the Princess Diaires said...

I love the toothpaste one!! That's so funny!

Mrs. Claus said...

The toothpaste story should be a commercial! That's hilarious!

Merry Christmas!

Bunch of Barrons said...

"Spicy toothpaste". HAHAHA! I remember thinking toothpaste was SO hot when I was little...too cute! :)

Debra Worth said...

Oh, that is so cute.

Jenny said...

My nephew has always used to word "spicy" too! LOL about her teeth not getting any whiter.

Nate singing is so cute! LOL about Lydia's pants.

Sarah said...

Ha ha. So funny about the toothpaste. Nate is adorable!

alissa4illustration said...

My son's both say that the mint toothpaste is "too spicy!" as well!

I liked the book singing. I chuckled when I saw the drool pool out the mouth.