Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up: Last Visits, Lydia reading & Getting Ready

This has been a CRAZY week... I think I say that every week, but this week I MEAN it :) LOL!!

  • friends moving and trying to spend time with them,
  • Brian's new semester at the college starting,
  • his online classes starting, too
  • VBS at night and driving the 15 passenger with some Awesome kids... whoo hooo !!
  • waiting around for some news for us,
  • getting ready for our new semester,
  • holding down the fort,
  • praying for my dad's two procedures this week, and
  • three church members (or extended family) with major medical needs...
we got a bit of summer schooling done!

Monday we read through our history for the week. It was featuring Copernicus and Gallileo both guys that we studied in the spring. The kids enjoyed trying to remember all the planets in order they did that well;) They also did the coloring sheets and map:) I seriously felt like a week of history in ONE day:)

For lunch we met up with the Woods.... thinking it might be our last visit with them!!

Monday evening we started attending a VBS at a friend's church. She had asked some very sweet and outgoing girls from our town to help at her VBS:) The girls happily agreed and learned how to drive our church's 15 passenger van:) LOL!!! We had a great week with the girls and at VBS!

Tuesday we reviewed the 10 Commandments and Psalm 19;) The kids did well with both... Anna has an amazing memory! She can almost recite both perfectly !! We also tried to copy Gallileo's experiment with dropping objects of different weights to explain gravity pulling all objects at the same rate:)



**when I did it, they almost hit at the same time:)

Wednesday I was asked if I would PLEASE!! go to the grocery store for GROCERIES:) So we headed there but thought we'd stop by the Woods to see if they had left yet. I know they had hoped to leave earlier....

but it was sure nice to see them again... and attempt to help!! The kids played and then watched a movie on Andrea's MAC:) I attempted to contain the babies and help where I could! We had a picnic on the empty kitchen floor watching the babies squirt sauce all over themselves ... yuck! LOL!!

We finally got to the grocery store around 2ish... groceries, binders for school.... not the quickest shop but everyone got some SONIC slushies... half priced during Happy Hours;)

Thursday was an "off" day!! I slept in, the kids fussed, played outside and we spent Nate's sleeping time organizing our new binders! Anna did work a little bit to finish up some "loose ends"with some math last year that I found in cleaning up the school room!! It actually was a great review:)


Friday morning we had another "off" morning! We did chores, cleaned up the kitchen, talked on the phone with Grandma and threw bean bags at each other (ok... I didn't do that, they did while I was on the phone!) After Nate went down for his nap we did some math facts and Chris and Lydia attempted some reading;) Anna did her normal summer school tasks:)

I did a video of Lydia reading! At the start of the summer I was really frustrated that I wasn't giving Lydia enough opportunities to learn to read. It wasn't that we didn't have the right stuff as much as I wasn't making time! She's been reading in the afternoons while everyone else is falling asleep and I've already seen a HUGE improvement... just a matter of giving the gal time! She's doing an awesome job!

**We are using the Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading! And yes, this what our reading time normally looks and sounds like.

I've also been trying to read books about some of the Renaissance astronomers... they have been bucking it all week :( I think because it seems like we JUST studied them AND because we're all a little distracted this week... MOmma included!!

And this is soo weird that school will be starting Monday! The kids are ready... but I am soo NOT!! There is a list of things I'd like to have ready including all sorts of home/chores organization things. And since i was soo late ordering our books, we might have to delay a bit, or have Anna delayed a bit...

I'm thinking it's a blessing in disguise!

I'm hoping to link up to the Weekly Wrap UP with Kris;)


Jenny said...

That does sound like a busy week! Lydia is doing so well sounding out the words!

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Don'tcha love when big brothers help out with the younger's reading by giving them the words? LOL She's going GREAT! Hang in there! Sounds like you're super busy!

Shannon said...

Yes, we are starting Monday....hopefully LOL!! We are still organizing the school room and Stevie has been battling kidney stones so that pushed my help back a bit!! Sounds selfish doesn't it. It's not, I have really been patient with his pain! Pray for him :)

Tiffany said...

Sounds like a busy one...I laugh at your first sentence, I feel the same every week to. Hope you have time to relax a little this weekend.


grandma said...

Lydia, Granddaddy and I think you are doing a super job reading. We are so proud of you.