Wednesday, August 3, 2011

15 with a 15

Nate is 15 Months!! I spent 15 minutes with him outside TRYING to get a decent 15 Month picture of him... he is soo active! Instead I got him in his activity...

the perfect glimpse of being 15 Months;)



Asking me to come

Sharing his Collections

Watching... always watching (& Remembering)

This was the closest I got to getting a still picture of him!
He's a busy little guy;)

NOt many new milestones for this month... you can read last month's to see what he's doing! I will say that I've heard from many (totally biased people) that Nate seems to be doing stuff earlier, than even his siblings! I think it's because he is copying them, he watches EVERYTHING and he's a determined little man!

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Party Of Four said...

Such a fun age. He's a cutie!

Felicia said...

I love him!!! Such a great age.

Jenny said...

So cute. I agree, he's probably watching his siblings and copying everything they do.

My nephew likes to do that too. It is so funny when Abby and Matthew are doing something and then he decides he's part of it too.

Emily said...

Oh, that "asking to come" photo is just precious!

Thanks for the encouraging comment on my "white" post!

Nancy said...

Great Pics!!!

Melissa from the Blue House said...

SO cute! I love the picture of his little hands with the rocks... nothing cuter than dimples where their knuckles should be!