Saturday, August 27, 2011

SOOC: King of the Table & Irene's Wind

Nate is soo quick right now. We often catch him on the table! He even moves chairs away from the table so he can get up and down:) And his motivation are the "goodies" he finds... like Momma's cell...


This one is very blurry, but that is the face we see often:) Accompanied by "eeee!" Usually after we ask him to give it to us :)

And we have lots of wind and rain from Hurricane Irene. The wind is soo strong and rattles some of our inside doors!


We've heard news of a couple of tornadoes and a LOT of rain!! And it looks like Irene is going to be around for most of the day:/

SOOC Saturday


Joy @ Artful Homemaking said...

Those are sweet photos! I've got a little guy who loves to climb onto the table, too! :)

Hope you stay safe in the storm!

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Stay safe! Irene will be arriving EARLY Sunday and sticking around until early Monday. Worse wind and rain from 3:00 to midnight. We're getting prepared today!

Jenny said...

Eeek that is windy! I hope you all are safe and it ends soon!

Susie B. Homemaker said...

My daughter is the same way- always climbing up on things. lol And wow, that's a strong wind... hope you don't experience anything too extreme from the hurricane and stay safe.

Erika said...

He is such a cutie! I'm glad to hear you are ok with the storm. We had a lot of wind and rain too but it wasn't as bad as we had thought. And now it is beautiful and sunny again!
Hope you have a fabulous week!

Anonymous said...

Love that first shot. Irene was pretty bad! Glad you all are safe.