Thursday, August 11, 2011

Purchasing THE Books

I know I'm behind in preparing for school this year...

I feel the stress pushing down on me!!

I still haven't ordered/purchased our books!!!!!

In all honesty, besides a few consumables that the kids need and a few new curriculum items that Anna needs, we don't need much. I'm very much a minimalist when it comes to what needs to be purchased. I would LOVE more free reading books, especially ones that correspond to our history topics, but that is what our public library freely provides for us:)

I'm NOT just starting to work on what to use.... that is a more difficult task!! Thankfully I have a plan of what I hope we'll be using already figured out;)

My little Amazon account has sat since June 11th with plenty of great books that need to be ordered just waiting for me to hit "Proceed to Checkout"!!! LOL!!

But tomorrow I am hoping to get to an awesome used & new homeschool store!! I am blessed that this store is very close (relatively speaking) to us. In fact, I am planning my shop today!! I want to go there first to scoop up any "used" items before I order them new!! So, I am planning my shop today!!

I am online with many different windows open on the computer...
And just incase I still need it, I have The Well-Trained Mind by my side;)

Oh, the kids worked on their grade level signs this morning.... hoping to be ready to share our School Pics on Monday:)

Until then, we'll be celebrating an early birthday with Caleb and friends;) Hopefully catching up with Grammie and Pey!!

I will be very glad though to have our homeschooling books purchased!! Always nice to have exactly what is needed when schooling begins;)

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Erika said...

Oooh how exciting to go shopping for homeschool books! I know how you feel - I am all set with our books but when I decided that we'll be starting school this Monday instead of the planned 2 weeks later, all of a sudden I had momentary panic with the extra supplies I needed to get. Thankfully it wasn't too much, but I know a bit how you feel!
Have fun shopping and thanks for stopping by my blog & commenting. hopefully we both have a stress and guilt free weekend with our families, right?!
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