Friday, August 5, 2011

It Shouldn't, But it Does... my skirt:)

If you know me "locally" you know I am not the best dresser:) LOL!! I have a few tops and pants/shorts that I wear out constantly because I think they look good on me or aren't stained. No, I am serious!!

And I'm totally aware of the fact that my value and beauty isn't based on my clothing choices... but wearing clothing that I don't really like or aren't sure looks good on me, does affect me!

Whether it should or not, isn't the issue... it does!

I'm thankful for my husband who is soo very generous and encouraging to me in my style flaws!! He's always willing to give his input; when I ask and say "honestly, I can take it!"

This all came up during our recent vacation. My sweet in-laws told us to "Get out for a bit" to have some Brian & Kelly time. Neither of us knew what to do with time to ourselves so we decided to shop for some clothing that we thought the kids needed.

Our first stop was a new Goodwill... and I immediately got distracted looking for new jeans. And then I stumbled upon some jean skirts. By chance I found a knee high length and thought I'd try it out!! And I fell for it...


I have worn this skirt for tooo many days in a row:)
I have worn it with dressy shirts, tank tops, t-shirts!
I have worn it with wedges, heels and flip flops!
I have worn it with jewerly and with none.
I have worn it traveling and on a date with my hubby:)

This skirt has changed my wardrobe :) And I have that piece that gives a little more "fun" to my clothing choices :)


And it's nice when we walk out the door and my husband asks if he's "under-dressed"!! I laugh and say, "We're only going to Burger King!!"


Drea said...

I thought that skirt was new! It is cute on you. I have one from pre-caleb days that is almost identical. Ive worn it a few times recently and love it too, but mines a little loose, so I need to invest in new one. Goodwills always a great place to find great jeans.

I struggle with my style too... and with the ever changing baby belly and loss of boobs lol - I am finding a lot of what I use to wear and loved, no longer looks normal :) - so its all abt finding what works, feels great and looks good too (for our husbands esp)

any who, ill wear my jean skirt 2nite, and we can get a pic together with them, i think that be a fun memory! :)

Stacey said...

I'm the same way with clothes! I'd love to win a shopping spree that came with a fashion expert, lol. Being on What Not TO Wear would probably be beneficial, lol.

Jenny said...

That looks so cute on you!

I don't have many clothes either. It sounds like you have more than me. LOL!

Sarah said...

I love that skirt. It looks so good on you. I need to find a jean skirt.

Amanda said...

So lovely!!

Aliesha said...

Is that the one you wore to Bible study? You looked adorable!

Bunch of Barrons said...

It's very cute! I used to have a jean skirt that looked a lot like that...I loved it too. Goes with everything and was so comfy.