Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful for my BOY:)

Yes, today we get to celebrate a lot... Thanksgiving

And Chris' 5th Birthday!!!! Just amazing that he's 5!!!

The night I went into labor with him was Thanksgiving night or the wee hours of Black Friday (which my mother-in-law and I had planned to do!!).

I remember calling my midwives to ask if I was laboring enough to go to the hospital.... I think I confessed to them that I had eaten a LOT of turkey... he heee heee!! But they told me to go in... the rest of his birth story is HERE!

While Chris seemed like a "laid back" baby... the hardest part of his early days was getting him to sleep (finally resorted to running the vaccuum cleaner and white noise) and nursing. But we made it through...

and he was just too cute:) Still is:)

Chris is our very animated and funny kid. He is always thinking of the next thing to do that will cause laughs (or his sisters to scream!).

Chris is our very creative artist. We have ooodles of his monster, dragon, dinosaur and other battle scene drawings. We love all the spikes, the stories and the smiles on everyone's faces!

And of course his creativity and vivid imagination leads to all sorts of stories and adventures (with his sisters playing parts as well). Some days I see Chris being a playwright... other days he's a paleontologist:)

Chris is also very compassionate! He worries about his sisters when they are hurt or sick. When watching movies he gets very emotionally involved and will dart in and out of the room:)

He also soo smart, an auditory learner for sure!! He challenges me as his mommy-teacher to give him more challenging "work" although I usually have to push him hard to get started... when he does, he zips through it and asks for more;)

I wouldn't be giving an accurate picture of our family if I didn't share that Chris pushs me to be a better parent EVERY day... I have been taught soo much by being his mother!

So to remind you of some of our adventures with Chris, I pulled a few of my favorite pics of him (some you'll probably remember)!!!

1st Year

2nd Year

3rd Year

4th Year

And now he's 5!!!!!!

We did a list of favorite things for Anna's birthday this year!! SO I'll have Chris share his favorites this year:)

  • Color : Blue
  • Food : Hot Dogs
  • Treat: Bubble Gum
  • Subject : Math
  • Animal: Elephant
  • Do inside: Play Pretend w/Sisters
  • Do outside: Swing
  • Toys: Tool set
  • Song to Sing: "dinosaur songs"?????
  • Restaurant: Old McDonalds (lol... so he can get two hamburgers!!)
  • Book: orange Bible
  • Movie: How to Train Your Dragon (of course!!)
  • PBSkids Show: Dinosaur Train, Curious George

Goals for his 5th year: Ride a bike with no training wheels

And when you ask him what he wants to be when he "grows up", he says a "paleontologist"!

Happy birthday to my Amazing BOY!!
We adore you and are soo thankful for the giggles and silliness you bring into our home!!

Dear Lord, Thank you soo much for all that you give us. And thank you for Christopher. We know you have such special and fun plans for him. We pray that we can encourage his strengths in ways that worship and serve You! May Chris grow to be a young man that loves you with his whole heart, soul and mind.


Jenny said...

He's so cute! Happy Birthday to Chris!

Grandma said...

Happy Birthday from Grandma & Granddaddy. We are so very blessed to have such a grandson as you. We love you with all our heart.

Drea said...

This post made me cry!! im serious, I dont know why. I guess because little boys are so dear to me , or who knows, hormones? Im just so glad im a mom and get to experiences these things!

Oh and when I showed Travis the pic of Chris as a baby, he thought it was Nate :)

Kelly @ In Everything said...

andrea, I do think Little boys are special:) I've definitely been challenged in my parenting and faith by my little boy... wouldn't trade him for the world!!

yes, we are always amazed at how much alike our boys look. It would be fun if they ended up looking alike as they grow.

Sarah Halstead said...

Happy Birthday Chris! Hope you all had a great day! So cute!!

Jenny said...

A little late Happy Birthday and all the best for Chris' personally new year! You are really blessed to have him Kelly (and Brian)! I love the picture of Chris grabbing on his 1st Birthday cake, already look forward to seeing Nate doing the same next year. LOL