Saturday, July 2, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up: Leaf Collecting, Momma's Rash and Tortillas

After a busy weekend with me being away, having family visiting, and a quick visit from I was ready for a relaxing day with the kids so Monday morning we headed out for a walk.

I thought it would really fun to collect leaves on the walk so we could do rubbings and identify them... I'd love for the kids to be able to identify more trees, foliage, flowers, etc! SO we when got home that was what we did... and they DID enjoy it;)


Monday evening we had friend come over for a relaxing pancake supper followed up with some Popsicles;)


Tuesday we spent most of the morning outside, playing and trimming Nate's hair. we finished the morning with reading (individual and aloud) and then learning about the Mayan culture;) Anna and Chris also worked with the Mayan number system... it was fun:)


After naps and dinner, Brian took the kids on a bike ride through the community while Nate and I did some "deal" shopping at a local Food Lion. we brought home some delicious fresh fruit... peaches, grapes, strawberries and blueberries:) I love the fruit of summer;)

Wednesday we prepared for our afternoon outing. Anna and Lydia were attending a Tea Party at our local library:) The girls got dressed up and I prepared "safe" food, so they could eat like other little girls;)


I had been planning to get help with the boys so I could go with the girls alone, but the night before I thought the plan of dropping off the girls and having a sweet friend keep them for me while I spent the time grocery shopping with the boys would work... attempting to multitask... but it never works for us!!!

Lydia wanted to participate but was being bashful and didn't want me to leave. Then I had the two boys in the corner... bored... and boys are even more loud and busy when they are bored!!!

Needless to say... the boys (and Lydia) and I made it through Anna's Tea Party!! Just very thankful I made a LOT of cookies... they became our lunch during the tea party:)

Then we went grocery shopping all together... yes, all 5 of us;) And because we all needed some motivation to be civil at the store... everyone was treated to Slushies on the way home :)

Our church service Wednesday night was cancelled so we could attend the visitation of our sweet, faithful church member who has passed away earlier in the week. We were thankful to see a nice crowd supporting the closest family and friends!

Sometime Wednesday i noticed a little rash on my skin. At first I thought it was a misquito bite, but then I knew I can gotten into something.... our Monday leaf collecting!!! I must have collected something poisonous!!

By dinner I could tell that I was also breaking out in a few more places on my arm and around my eye. I went to bed covered in a baking soda/vinegar paste hoping that it would dry up a little and NOT spread any more.

Thursday I woke with my eye swollen along the bottom. The rash itched everywhere!!! I seriously am sticking with my phrase that "I'd rather be in labor w/out pain drugs than itch"!! Thankfully, something worked (either the Benadryl or the paste) because the itching and swelling seemed to calm by lunch.

The kids and I spent a little of our morning outside:) As I baked for the funeral lunch (I had to make cookies!) the kids played school. Anna was the teacher and did a fabulous job.... they actually completed reading work, reading through a book for the reading program at the library and some math practice;)

We enjoyed lunch and then the younger three napped in the care of a sweet teen while Anna and I attended the funeral. They are always bittersweet... thankful for a life of faith, prayer, generosity and an end of suffering. But mourning over their absence from our life.

After naps we headed back outside in the heat.... Popsicles and Water;) So nice to have a simple evening at home;)

Friday was back to the books even with a Momma supped-up on Benadryl;) We learned about the final 2 early Central American people, the Inca and Aztec:) And the kids and I made tortillas from scratch...

then we covered them in butter and cinnamon sugar:) Delicious!

Pic of the Week
I saw this Wednesday night... i felt it summed up that day:) Random.Kid.Antics.


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Drea said...

at 1st i thought the tooth brushes were pipes and they were redoing your bathroom plumbing or something! I had to take a 2nd look :)

Our Side of the Mountain said...

What a nice week! A little school...A little exploring...A little spending time with friends! Perfect!

Bea said...

I need to try the tortillas like that! they look good!
I believe the Aztecs were only in Mexico and the Incas were in Peru... Is that right?

April said...

Your photos are really great-- what kind of lens do you use? Also I love the photos of your children on the sidebar with their grades and the one along for the ride. Too cute! Looking forward to following your family's homeschooling adventure and gleaning ideas along the way!

RachelT said...

Hi! I'm stopping by from THMJ. It looks like a fun, busy week. The homemade tortillas sound yummy and I really love the pictures of the kids with their signs for their grade levels in the side bar, too. Have a great week!

Sarah said...

Love these photos. So cute. Hope you are all healed up. Those tortillas look yummy.

Bunch of Barrons said...

Sounds like a great week. Love your shots!

Katie said...

I absolutely loved the randome toothbrush kids antics photo! we have five children, so i can relate to suddenly seeing something and going "what made them think of doing THAT?". and i love it that you linked up making the homemade tortillas with your soc. studies unit study. We love doing those kinds of things and i think the kids Love them and it, for me, is one of the funnest things about homeschool for all of us! stopping by from HMJ. hope you are no longer itchy...