Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Make Your Own Summer Salads

One easy meal we've gotten out of the habit of eating was salads. With having younger children it was a hassle to remember who ate what with what, so we stopped trying to fix salads!

But salad is like the perfect hot summer evening meal!!! Especially when our refrigerator is bursting with fresh produce and already cooked chicken. So we've started to do things a little different around here....

it's called Make Your Own Salad!! We lay out all the toppings and let everyone make their own. An easy meal again and using containers that have lids makes it even easier to clean up and store the leftovers for another salad or two the next day:)


And here are our creations;)

Brian is the King of the Salad... his masterpiece;)




Mine with Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing (milk, egg and garlic-free)

** We've also given the kids a plastic lunchmeat container and had them made their own salads "to go". It's a nice, but different, for a packed picnic. Just add some fresh bread, jam and drinks and you have your meal:)

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Drea said...

i wish our boys would eat salad.. because I LOVE IT!!! Travis isnt a fan either :( so im the only real salad eater in the family.. makes it hard to buy produce sometimes, because i cant eat it fast enough...

Our Side of the Mountain said...

What a great idea! My kids love salad, especially the kind with ham, turkey, cheese, egg, apple, grapes. And now that our garden has peas and beans...we add those in as well. (We've had salad 3 times in the last 4 dinners! LOL)

Nicole Feliciano said...

I found you from the Tasty Tuesday linky--the photo drew me in! What a clever way to get kids involved. I hope you'll take a moment and share them over at Momtrends' Friday Food Linky. We're always on the hunt for scrumptious treats!