Tuesday, July 26, 2011

TTT: 8 Suns & Keeper of the Water Balloons

Chris (5 yrs) : "It's soo hot out there... like 8 suns!!"

On Thursday the VBS team was filling up water balloons for Game Time. Being the pastor's kids who usually get there early so my kids saw them filling them up. We finally got them inside so we could be there to greet the kids and Brian could drive around town picking up kids;)
Lydia though wanted to go back outside. One of the VBS team members trying to convince her to stay inside and that the balloons would be ready for Game Time. And Lydia responded, "I just have to get a closer look."

He thought it was too funny and shared the story the rest of the day!

And I tried to get a video of Nate saying his newest word. It's more precious to hear:) Anytime he sees or finds something he likes he has been saying "Waaaaaooow!"

It's like a super long extended WOW!. It's really cute;)

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Jenny said...

LOL about the 8 suns.