Tuesday, July 19, 2011

TTT-ing with Lydia & a Lucky stray

On Thursday night it was just tooo pretty to go inside too early. After dinner we rode our bikes around town and came home sometime after 8:30pm. Even though it was LATE we decided to start a firepit fire and roast marshmallows!!


As I pre-prepared the s'mores (everything but the marshmallows), Lydia said, "When I am married, I'm going to make fires with my husband."


We've been asking the kids to take off their shoes and put them in the shoe bin as they enter the house!! It attempts to help keep the house and mudroom tidy!! But like all "good habits" it takes lots of time and a diligence on Momma's part to check to see if the kids doing as we have asked.

I caught Lydia coming in without putting her shoes away. And I gently asked her to correct it... but she didn't even acknowledge that I had asked anything. Then she got this "light bulb coming on" look in her eyes and she said

"I didn't know you asked me. But then I think-ed in my heart about putting my shoes away."
And she raced off to put them away;)

Think-ed in my heart:)


Lydia came racing to us outside yesterday evening yelling,"Chris is carrying a cat!"

Ok, we don't own a cat. So why was my 5 yr old son carrying one???

We soon found this little guy in his arms...

So we are now caring for a stray kitten. This little cat is soo small and had it's eyes matted shut... I shutter to think about it. But warm water and an old washcloth did the trick.

We've been told that it's probably a sickly cat and will probably died of an infection. So we're washing our hands A TON and loving on the kitten as much as we can:) Even with his eyes matted shut, the kitten was very playful:) And even survived Nate the Great picking it up by his tail... poor thing!

I'm not a cat girl!! But Daddy has already run to the store for milk, dropper feed him and made him a temporary "home" in the washroom.... Daddy likes cats:)

**He closes his eyes when drinking;) Cute!

Hoping Lucky is very lucky and becomes a healthy cat:)
And remembering other strays that have wandering into our yard and caused the "pet" debate!!


Jenny said...

What a sweet kitty. It looks like he needs some eye cream:


We've used this on our cat who sometimes gets eye problems.

Jenny said...

I bet with a visit to the vet, he could get some antibiotics too and end up just fine!

Tracey M. said...

These were great. I love "thinked in my heart". Just today my son was crying about something he wasn't getting and when he stopped he tells me "I changed my heart, mommy!" Hope your little kitty turns a corner, he's adorable!

Anonymous said...

Awww. Hope the kitty does okay.

lindsey said...

So cute! and so awesome to try to help a kitten. Just so you know, you need to use KMR (Kitten Milk Replacement) and not cow's milk. Cow's milk will give them diarrhea and make them get sick very fast (they need to stay hydrated). Keeping him/her warm and fed is key. Oh, and did you know that you need to wipe their bottoms to get them to "go" pee or poo?

Sarah said...

How cute!