Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ponytail Flip : Easy Flower Girl Hair

As you might have guessed.... the girls were the flower girls for Eric's Wedding.

Lydia (4), Anna (7) and little Hannah Grace(2), their cousin, were going to walk down the aisle together holding hands;) Well... it didn't quite work out that way:)

They all DID walk down the aisle!

They didn't hold hands b/c they had the baskets in one hand
and were tossing flowers with the other...
but it worked out well.

Aunt Tori :) left it up to use how to fix the girls' hair. I know she was going for a very simple but beautiful look. I had run a couple ideas by her 4th of July weekend and she was very happy with all the ideas;) Gotta love a bride that is easy to please;)

On Sunday for church I experimented a bit with Anna's hair....

We made a ponytail flip:) You make a ponytail. Then opened up a hole and pushed her ponytail through... very simple. It was very easy and it looked really nice on Anna who has very THICK and long hair!!

Once my mom saw it, we decided just to do that for the wedding:) So hours before the wedding we were washing and blowing drying little girl hair;) Curling the front wisps of their hair using pencils & hairspray:) Flipping ponytails:) And purchasing a little bit of baby's breath from a local florist... they sold me a huge amount for $1.99... what we didn't use ended up in Grammie's flower arrangements:)

At the location, we put in the baby's breath.

Very simple... very pretty:)


and more flower girl pics;)

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There are more wedding pictures on my Flickr.... I'll get them up soon... but if you wanted to see them you can link here;) We were busy with kids and feeding kids and catching up with family, so I didn't get as many as I hoped... but I did enjoy time with my extended family and of course...

SEEING my Little Brother getting married!!! WOW!!


Jenny said...

So cute! I love how you put the baby's breath in their hair.

Shannon said...

Really can your girls get any prettier :) Looks like it was beautiful!

Sarah said...

Love these photos. Love their hair simple and pretty.

Aliesha said...

aww! lovely!

Felicia said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Now I want a girl!

Becky said...

So cute! This is exactly how my sisters wore their hair in my wedding 18 years ago! :)