Saturday, July 31, 2010

Little Mommas

Chris was the MOST excited when we found out that we were expecting a "brother"!! He wasn't going to be as outnumbered!! LOL!!

But my daughters have transformed into Nate's "little mommas". He makes a noise and they are right there mothering him or coming to find me to ask if they can hold him.

Now that Nate has more head control, Anna has been allowed to hold Nate while standing with our permission. I love this pic of Nate and Anna looking at each other;)

Here's Anna getting in a snuggle while I was attempting to get more Nate pics;) Got a good one to share sometime soon:)

Lydia is right there with Anna on getting "holding time". Nate looks soo BIG in her lap!!

I"m sure there is coming a time when Nate won't want to be snuggled by his sisters. But for now, he loves it;) And them! It delights this Big Momma's heart to see Nate's face light up when his sisters and brother comes to talk to him.


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Jenny said...

Too cute! I bet it's nice to have an extra set or two of arms every now and then too!