Wednesday, July 21, 2010

When you start with a lot....

you've got a lot to LOSE!

Nate's little head looks more and more bald as each day passes!

I've never noticed the others thinning out this much... Anna had the "bald ring" but that's all I remember. And then I started wondering if it was because Nate started out with soo much more hair than the others;)

At his check-up last week, the nurse pointed out that his eyebrows are tinted with a light shade of red. Could his hair come back with a hint of red, like his brother??? That would be soo fun especially since they look so much alike already.

BTW.... isn't it amazing how much he has changed in 11.5 weeks???

And he'll be 3 MONTHS this weekend... where did these baby days go???

**First pic was taken by Andrea:)

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it will come back red. That would be cute. Carsyns hair is coming back blond like Dustyns. Nate is so adorable!

Stacey said...

He's so cute ;) My kids had lots of hair and never lost any, except for that ring around the back from rubbing.

Our Family said...

He's very cute- hair or not!! Annabella was the same way- lost most of her head & had the bald ring- now she has a Mohawk style going on. :)

Jenny said...

He's such a doll! He does look so much like Chris. They could be twins, except for the age difference :)

JO said...

such a beautiful baby!

Mine's up! Happy WW.

Crystal Roberts said...

Such a little cutie!