Monday, August 2, 2010

3 Months: More Content??

We're halfway to the sanity mark...LOL!!! Honestly though, I've learned to mentally give ourselves 6 months after adding a baby to the family before I get frustrated with the limitations of having a smaller one. Or when I start feeling energetic and "normal" again.

The 6 month mark gives me the freedom to enjoy the baby days!

Enjoying and watching I have done:)

I feel like though that he's becoming more content or maybe I'm just learning more about him. I have to be super honest that he was a tough little cookie for about a month or so (from 4 weeks until now). I really didn't think I'd ever have both my hands and arms free...

Nate just always wanted to be held and cuddled.... not that I minded some snuggle time:) But constant snuggles or else the baby would fuss/scream is super demanding on the whole family... you know what I mean!

He likes munching on his burp cloths and his little fists in between feedings.

And he's starting to play with his fingers/hands more and more!! Just such a sweet stage!

He's also responding and watching toys more.

I'm still not 100% sure about his schedule!

Most mornings he sleeps in until 9ish still!! Then cat naps before lunch and then takes a longer afternoon nap like 2.5 hours somewhere between 2-5pm. Then he cat naps and eats every 2 hours in the late afternoon until we get him into bed between 8-9ish.

It seems like sometimes I've nursed and just gotten him to sleep and he's awake again... looking for a meal... he's a growing boy! He's actually had this "schedule" for a while... maybe he's just a cat napper! The KING of cat naps!

And nights were going soo well.... nursing 11ish and then sleeping until 5ish! We sooo thought this week Nate would be moving into his crib!!!! BUT...

for the last 5 nights he's been waking every 2-3 hours through the night, trying to nurse. He will give that "angry fuss" when I give him the paci instead of feeding him. So... another growth spurt??? LOL... the article I went to last time (at 6 weeks) named 3 months as another spurt!!!

The "trick" to get Nate quickly asleep is to give him the paci and fold his burp cloth around his face. He loves to have it next to his face... too funny!

He'll go from a "sleepy fuss" to asleep in moments!

And I've noticed TEARS when he's really crying. That makes this momma feel even worse when I've had to let him fuss a bit.

We thought we were finished with the baby acne.... but last week as I got back "on cycle", Nate broke out. gotta love some MOmma hormones!

But between the momma hormones and the heat, his little face still isn't 100% clear. Besides keeping his face clean and not messing with his little "pimples" there's nothing else to do but wait!

What a handsome 3 Month old we have;)


Jenny said...

He's so cute! Sorry he still wakes up a lot at night, that has to be exhausting! Hopefully this growth spurt will be over soon and he can sleep a bit longer!

Meg said...

What a handsome little guy! I think that is too cute that he likes a burp cloth near him. He is growing fast!

Our Family said...

He is a handsome little boy! And you are doing great!

Rachel Marie said...

Nate is almost the same age as my little one. She was born on May 4th. He is a cutie! It was fun reading about another 3 month old.