Thursday, July 29, 2010

Still a SnuggyBaby

Just wanted to share about a great giveaway!! I have been using a beautiful ring sling with Nate since he was just weeks old! He's been getting heavier and heavier and more and more independent......

but he's still a Snuggy Baby!

The giveaway is for a linen ring sling... which should be a little cooler in the summer! The giveaway ends July 31st!

Been meaning to give a 3 month update on Nate..... but we had a surprise this week. My mom held him and said that she thought he had put on some pound-age since she last held him like 2 weeks ago.

We did the "Momma weigh" and sure enough he had gained 2 pounds since even his doctors appt. on july 16th. At that appt he weighed in at 14.5 pounds. But when we weighed him on Tuesday he weighed 16.5!!!

So this is the funny part! During VBS last week, the mission team joked about gaining weight with all the snacks, lunches (our church members provided), eating out and breakfast at the hotel... even Brian thought he had put on some weight.

Pic is of Nate hanging out with the snack ladies, getting some Miss Lucille attention;)

But when I weighed in, I had LOST weight! All the "extra" weight I would have gained went to my little boy... LOL!! I thought he had nursed a lot during the VBS week... I thought it was just because he was off of schedule! And I"m just 1.5 pounds shy of my target "normal" weight... which is kind of cool because I don't try to loose weight while nursing.

Don't read this and think I am "in shape"..... I am sooo far from feeling and being "in shape"!! It's hard to work some solid workout time for Momma especially since Anna and I have been working through history during naptime.... i'm hoping walks with Nate in a carrier counts as something:)


Bunch of Barrons said...

It's hard work carrying a kiddo around...I think it definitely counts for something! :) That's great that you are already almost back to your normal weight. It took me a long time to get back to my normal weight after Tirzah, because I gained 40+ lbs, as opposed to only 25 with Merrick! :) Glad VBS went well!

Kayris said...

That's a big boy! My daughter weighed 16 1/2 pounds when she was one! That's not even on the weight chart, so you can imagine how our then-pede hassled me.

I love my ring sling. I have a Maya Wrap. I've used it recently to carry my preschooler across my back. Definitely a piece of gear that is useful past the baby years.

Jenny said...

Oh my, he's getting so big! He's such a doll!

WooHoo for being near your goal weight. It will make getting into shape easier, when the time comes.