Thursday, July 15, 2010

Are We Having Any More???

A question I hear OFTEN!!

Sometimes from family members, from random strangers at the grocery store (as my kids are licking sugar off the shelves as I chat with another mom or read ingredient labels in search of "safe" mix), some times from people who are disgusted I have 4 kids (I can hear it in their tone!) and sometimes from friends who are asking or wondering themselves.

Right now I'm not sure what the answer is!! And I'm not convinced this is the right time to make that decision!

  • I have a hip baby that is carried for 80%+ when he's awake!
  • I sleep in 4 or 5 hours blocks at night!!
  • My house is in constant need of attention!!!
  • My older kids are needing some attention as well.
  • Brian is still vacuuming the house some days!
  • Many meals I eat after the family to tend to/feed Nate!
  • And our homeschooling prep has begun (I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed at the thought of schooling 3 kids and keeping Nate.... sounds impossible right now!)

As crazy, loud, and cluttered my house is...

I know I am blessed!!

I am soo thankful for each child and they bring soo much life and giggles to our home!

And I've really attempted to ENJOY these days.... even when everything seems soo demanding. I actually haved enjoyed caring for Nate late at night - listening to his contentment nursing, hearing his breathing next to me and waking to his smiles!

So for now that is my focus! While I know we need to have a plan...

right now I need to enjoy (and survive) the day-to-day.

Matthew 6:34 (Contemporary English Version)
Don't worry about tomorrow.
It will take care of itself.
You have enough to worry about today.


Our Family said...

I completely understand those moments when someone asks us if we're having more & then there are the times that we want to know if someone else is having more:)
You are doing a great job!! I pray you will find peace & get into a routine that is comfortable for your family!

Stam House said...

What a beautiful post, you are indeed blessing even in the mist of business and chaotic house.

God as a plan for your family and as far as I understand a plan for the number of children for your family. We can make plan and decide but in the end God is in control :-)

one day at the time :-)


Crystal Roberts said...

Lol, people always seem to ask that question when you have a baby :) We get asked as well and I always feel the same way you do! We are blessed and in the midst of the chaos it can be hard to remember. I take it one day at a time, and have been so thankful how God gives strength moment by moment! I enjoyed reading a post about what we have faced so often!!

Kayris said...

I started hearing this question (or the variation, "When are you going to have another baby?") when my oldest was only four days old! And the question changed to, "You're stopping at two, right?" after I had another baby 2 years later. I didn't mind questions from family or close friends, but it got intrusive when people started trying to project their ideas of the "right" number of kids onto us.

A good friend does not want kids ever, and neither does his girlfriend. They are at peace with their decision, but at every single family wedding, they have to endure questions about when they are going to get married and start having babies.

Drea said...

Since Nates a hip baby he will probably be like the most content and well mannered 2 yr old ;-) thats how it works you know HAHA. Im very content with 3! but can see a 4th in the future, but I do prefer it not happen NOW ;-) I want Owen to be at least 2 before another lil one comes into our family.. but if it happens it happens and we'd take it as a blessing either way.

Your kids are sweet and you handle them very well. I can totally see more in your future, may it be through you and brian or adoption! But I think you got a lot to deal with now and totally understand your view too.

Ashley said...

I have been getting this question all the time and it is never asked in a polite way. We have a 4, 3, 18 month and just had twins who are 2 weeks old. People always say to me, "Haven't you figured out what causes this?" It surprises me that people think it is their business. I start homeschooling in the fall and am feeling nervous about it too. Today was my first day with all 5 and I felt like I was falling apart at the seams!! lol I think I will be in prayer all day long. The verse that you posted has become one of my favorites.
p.s. Your family is beautiful and I love reading your blog.

Amy said...

Kelly! I can SO relate! (w/ our 5, 3.5, 2 & 8 month old) But isn't fun going out to the store w/ all 4 in tow? We always get stopped by AT LEAST 3 elderly people who admire the kids & think they're precious. That really shows me that though lots of people get busy in life w/ careers or other things...after living a full life what all these older people see is important is families. Enjoy Nate while he's little, & think before you know it he'll be up running around with the other ones.

Bunch of Barrons said...

Love this post. So good to remember to enjoy every moment, even when it's flying by and chaotic! :)