Monday, July 12, 2010

10 Weeks and GQ Daddy

I missed posting some "updates" on Nate last week... I thought I'd only post months now. But I actually "missed" not posting and recording some of his changes!

Nate actually did well traveling both our southern trip and our quick semi-northern weekend trip! Sure, his schedule was off during portions of BOTH trips, but he always manages to keep his nightly sleeping routine. So we got sleep... well blocks of 4-5 hour sleep:)

Something he has started to do the last few weeks is to really fuss more while nursing. I have attributed it to sleepiness, gas pains and being off-schedule. But since it's still happening after a couple of weeks now I'm starting to wonder if there is something going on.

Maybe reflux?? Or maybe he's just a verbally-opininated little guy:) Who likes 30 minute cat naps!!!

He does spit up pretty frequently...

Anyway, I've read through some acid reflux symptom lists and i'm not convinced that he matches many of the symptoms. Just glad we have a late 2 month appointment later this week.

We've also noticed how much he likes to be held vertically versus horizontally. He likes to be held sitting up and facing out, so he can see what is going on;)

I found a Bumbo seat on Craigslist this weekend and picked it up... used once and set aside!

Nate's still a little young for it:) But he has loved the few times we've put him in it;)

While away Nate giggled for the 1st time. I was attempting to nurse him but he just wanted to "talk"... anyway, I tickled him and he did a little giggle in response.... it was soo sweet!! And it confirms my thought that he was ticklish... way more than any of the other kiddos!!

Nate's stage can be sooo much fun!! They are just soo sweet and seem to learn and change so quickly! But it's also super challenging.... more laundry, fussy baby, late/quick and/or cold dinner (at least when I finally get to the table to eat), etc!!!

There have been times these last 2 weeks when I've wished these baby days to pass more quickly. But then Nate will coo and smile....

.... and I'm refreshed and reminded what a sweet age he's in! And how quickly time is passing!

While on vacation last week Brian picked up a new suit;) He wanted to get a picture to send to his parents to show them the suit...

What do you think??? And noticed what has returned!


Drea said...

the beard is back!? :) Travis likes brians suit a lot!

I think Owen has reflux. He isnt fussy but he has begun spitting up a lot.. where before he never spit up.. and I know its not his formula because if it had been he would of done it early on. I will ask the Dr. abt it when he goes for his 4 month. A lot of times his spit up is CLEAR too.. other times chunky curd stuff...

Either way Im sure hes fine. Hes gaining weight, sleeping well and happy.. but it sure does make it hard to keep HIM clean and myself :)

grandma said...

two mighty handsome men!

Jenny said...

I agree with Grandma! Nate has such a sweet face!

All babies have reflux to a certain extent, it's just when it bothers them that's the problem. Abby had it really bad. She would turn her head and arch her back and scream out in pain. It was awful to watch.

Kate said...

I LOVE Brian's green shirt with that suit! Very GQ indeed!!

Stam House said...

Our 6 weeks old baby is doing pretty much the same as Nate, fussy during nursing session and gassy and lots of spit up!!!!

I went to the Dr today and he taught REflux but I'm not convince either, still taking thing off my diet to see if food sensitivities!

Wow cute suit!