Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

One night last week I heard Chris (4 yrs old) jump out of bed in the middle of the night and come charging into our bedroom. He ran to Brian's side of the bed and started asking him if he Brian was ok. "Daddy are your eyes ok?", he asked.

Brian asked him why he was asking and Chris told us he had dreamt about "wolves that were chasing us and they grabbed you Daddy and took your eyes out." gruesome!!

Anyway, Brian comforted him and lead him back in bed. He gave Chris a little pep-talk about finding a good dream to think about before he fell back asleep, "Chris, think of a good dream."

Chris responded excitedly," I'm going to dream about having three more baby brothers!"

Chris was listening to Brian's sermon on Sunday night. Brian shared tha he wanted to "chase a rabbit" with the congregation during the sermon.

Chris looks up at me and kept asking,"Mommy, where is the rabbit??" LOL!! Took me a minute to realize WHY he was asking about a rabbit:)

Lydia (3 yrs) to me: "Mommy, where is my fling ring?"

Translatation: "Where is my ring sling??"

Nate's expressions say a lot!! There is nothing sweeter than his BIG smiles... especially during the "tough" times.

After a major blowout, Nate was all smiles as I told him,"Nate thats soo gross" in my "talking to Nate" voice. He thinks the word "gross" is soo funny. What a silly little boy!!!


Terra said...

Your children are super cute. I love the one about dreaming about 3 baby brothers...WOW!

Jenny said...

You would think having 3 baby brothers would be a nightmare! LOL!

Too cute!

Our Family said...

How cute... kids are so funny!

Anonymous said...

Aww! How cute!

Carsyn has that onesie too! Are you sure they aren't long lost twins. LOL!!! They are a lot alike that is for sure.

Crystal Roberts said...

3 brothers Hilarious!!! Loved your post here I am visiting for Tiny Talk Tuesday. You have a really great blog, I enjoyed visiting!!

Jennifer said...

Gross is my 6yo's favorite word. I guess they start with their fascination for all things totally gross at a very young age!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Look at that adorable picture! AHHH! So cute!

Love the "good dream". Precious. What a wonderful brother.

Happy (late) TTT!