Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday - VBS Edition

Sorry I missed a few weeks.... honestly, my brain has been not much more than mush -with a baby, still not enjoying a full night sleep, late nights, VBS and preparing our homeschool! My kids have said some of the funniest and great things.... I have not written them down and then I forget them...

so since last week I have really tried to write some down:)

One of the cutest songs the kids learned at VBS was called "Every Ounce of Me".

Anna told me that her class was going to sing it on the stage at family night. Except Anna told me the name of the song was called "Every house of Me"!! LOL!!

Chris and Lydia like the "Yes to VBS!" song.

But when you hear them sing it they are a little off;) They'll sing, "ya,ya,ya, ya, yes to B,B,B,B,V,S!" too cute... especially with Chris' "break dancing".

Sometime during the week, Anna was getting some juice for Lydia. AS I walked into the kitchen I thanked Anna for helping her sister. And I offered to open the frig door so Anna could put the bulky juice container back.

Anna looked up at me and said,"Mommy by helping me, you are showing Christ's love to me."

Go, VBS!! A tender little heart was listening!
And as we packed/cleaned up and headed home (like 20 steps!!) after VBS Friday night, Anna asks, "So, what are we doing next week???"

LOL.... don't think she saw me dragging myself home:)

We had a great week of VBS!!! We got to meet a few more families from our little town! And got to hang out with some of the kids we've gotten to know through VBS too:) We had 3 kids make decisions!

I am soo thankful that the group from VA came down to run our VBS. The Young at Heart group was such a JOY to work with and such a blessing to our family, our church and the VBS crowd!!!

Friday night we had our annual Family Friday night Finale.... a team came from the Young at Heart's church to set up a block party:) Games, Inflatables, Races and Prizes;)
Then families, VBS staff, block party crew, VBS-ers and church members piled into our fellowship hall and ate some hot dogs. The kids gladly did all of the songs from the week and the older kids shared the puppet show they had been working on all week (they did a super job... soo funny!!).

An added blessing was to meet a very like-minded sister in Christ from the mission team!!! And she's a fellow blogger, too:) I look forward to keeping up with her and her family and possibly meeting up with them again b/c they were THAT sweet:)

A great week indeed! Now the challenge of following up and keeping up with the kids and families that we were able to meet!


Heather said...

Sounds like you've been busy. We didn't have a VBS this year. We decided to take a year off. It was nice.

I'm working on lesson plans this week too. Looks like Nate is doing well!

Jenny said...

"Mommy by helping me, you are showing Christ's love to me."

That is so cute! I'm glad you all had a great time at VBS!

grandma said...

Sounds like you all had a fantastic week in VBS.
I am so thankful for all the VBS workers---God Bless them. How thankful I am that my grandchildren had these experience.

Crystal Roberts said...

So cute and precious! Loved these!

Terra said...

What I wonderful week. Looks like VBS was a success. I can't wait for my little monkey to be able to go.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Sounds like a GREAT week for your family, but exhausting too, I am sure!

What a precious little heart your daughter has.

Happy TTT!