Tuesday, May 4, 2010

WW: Slideshow of Birth

I know I haven't posted Nate's Birth story... but I wanted to share the slideshow that Andrea made from all the pictures that she took at our birth.

I told you that I was "sitting the fence" as far as having a photographer at the birth. Laboring without an epidural is HARD and I really didn't want to feel like I was "distracted" (not that she would have but anything extra mentally on a momma at that time isn't beneficial) .... so Andrea was soooo gracious in being a part of laboring and then waiting for the pushing (which was very HARD) and getting all those newborn moments that MOmma misses!!!

Andrea, Thank you soo much! You truely are a sweet and gracious friend. I thank you for being a part of Nate's delivery.... I know you were not far away even when I pushed :) And thank you for going beyond to prepare the slideshow for us!!

Click HERE (if you can't play it above).

Let me say that I really have enjoyed these pictures! And I'm soo thankful that Andrea was soo encouraging and willing to work with us!!

And for those expecting... it really is an awesome thing to have labor/birth pictures done!!

You can find some other picture posts at Wordless Wednesday, 5 Minutes for Mom and Go Graham Go!!!


Anonymous said...

I love them! They are beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing.

Drea said...

Im so glad you love having them! I knew you would! I think its one of those things ppl are unsure of because its such a personal time.. totally understand that :-) but once you see them and they are there to cherish, totally worth it!! I love having mine of Owen (which btw Kelly did just as amazing!). I plan to have someone there for any birth I have, I think you will be my photographer now HAHA

I love doing it tho and hope I can eventually really market myself to do them on a regular basis.

Hes so sweet. One of my fav photos is of him laying in the little incubator thing, and Brian is reaching over with his finger and touches his pinky.. its SO PRECIOUS! And then that photo of him laying on your chest and his hand stretched out. THat was right after he came out 2.. super special.

Rest up! cant wait to read what I missed ;-) Oh and I could BARELY hear you, between the nurses in the hall, and the baby next to your room, I was scared id miss Nates "1st cries" :-)

Im sure you werent as loud as crazy tribal lady (me) :-) you were amazing!

Stam House said...

These pictures are so precious ans amazing makes me all emotional just looking at them!

Thank you so much to share this precious moment of you life with us!

Bunch of Barrons said...

These are so precious. I totally wish I had done something like this with my kiddos. Such a special treasure for you and your family to have pictures of Nate's birth. Enjoy that new little guy...I know you are so in love! :)

Davene said...

These are WONDERFUL! I'm so glad you had them done. IF I ever have another one (and that's a big IF) :), I'd love to have pictures like these taken.

Jenny said...

How did I miss this post? These are awesome pics! He looks so big. Abby was 6 pounds even!