Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nate's 4th Week, New Trick & Can you Guess??

Saturday with an audience watching... Nate rolled from his tummy to his back!! We were soo excited and even more excited that he did it again (even as he was fussy) so we could get it on video:)

After a rough start to the week with his sleeping/fussiness at night, we have had a few easier nights with a few more moments of sleep for Mom and Dad. So that has been nice... I think making sure he sleeps (so he doesn't get overtired), gas drops and keeping him from getting too hot has helped.

Nate's also making more noises... some coos, some fussy talk. It's soo sweet to hear and see him make eye contact and then try to talk with us:) Speaking of eye contact, Nate LOVES to be talked to and have eye contact with us!! And Brian and Nate were copying each other... coos and sticking their tongues out:)

He feels heavier/thicker to me this week. I did the "mommy weigh" this week to check his weight. The difference between my weight with him and without him was 12 pounds!!!

The acne is still active. Poor little baby!! Today it seemed like it was "drying up". I read though that it could last months.... so we'll see.

We head to the pediatrician this week for Nate's one month checkup. It's amazing that he's a month old already!

OK.... off to something different...

can you guess what this is???

I'll tell you more Tuesday:)


Jenny said...

Oh my, did Anna lose tooth?! Dave was just asking me when Abby might start losing them.

Nate is so adorable! I can't believe he's rolling over already!

Drea said...

id say a tooth :)

Jenny said...

I'd say, too, it is Anna's first lost tooth. :-)
PS: Nate is so cute!