Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday - school and prayers

Thanks to Mary @ Not Before 7 .... I just love recording and remembering what my kids have said each week;) Here are some more!

Lydia asked for "orange juice" one morning. Trying to expand her vocabulary (or teach her our lingo), I said, "Lydia sometimes we call orange juice, OJ. Can you say OJ?"

Lydia proudly responded back "OJ, D-I-A (like she was spelling it), OJ!!"

Lydia (3 yrs old) asked to pray for our lunch this week and this was her prayer:

"Dear God, Tank que for Anna, Christopher, Mommy and Daddy. Tank que for me lunch. Tank que for all da people in da world. And tank que for what we eating. Amen"


Anna and I have been practicing her math addition and subtraction facts since she has finished her math work for the year already. (As a trained high school math teacher I think knowing math facts is sooo foundational!!) Anyway, we still need work since she's still using her fingers for some of them.

I show her "11-5 ="

And she says out of frustration, "MOm!! How can I do that one? I don't have eleven fingers!"

LOL!! See we have some work:) But I thought it was really funny:)


Stam House said...

love all of these moment they are so precious1 thanks for sharing these sweet moment with us!

Jenny said...

LOL about not having enough fingers!

Andrea said...

This is why we use an abacus - lol! My Rae would surely say the same thing!
Happy TTT!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

OK, the 11 fingers is so hilarious! LOVE that!

I don't know how you are keeping up with this these days...but it sure will be fun that you recorded it! You go!