Monday, May 24, 2010

Picking.... but NOT Jamming

Last week we went strawberry picking!! I was all excited to be bringing the kids and stocking up on some berries for eating, storing and jamming;)And it was such a nice morning when we went!!

Too bad I missed the "memo" that after 2 days of rain (and 2 days of drying out) strawberry picking was awful.... they are scarse, wormy and mushy!

But the kids still had fun hunting for those perfect berries.

And there was "some" sampling... thank goodness the patch we go to is very "kid"- friendly!!

The kids DID find some "pretty" berries!!

When we checked out, Chris admitted where he got some of his nice berries......
he got off the ground!!! LOL!!

The berries were $1.25 lb when we pick them. But at the store, we found strawberries for $1.50lb... no worms, or mush! Anyway that got us thinking about whether it was really cost effective to make our own strawberry jam.

SURE... I know it would taste better. And it's better to purchase locally! But we were amazed that when we really crunched the numbers with all the prices of the stuff we needed (and we already have the jars, and pectin)....

making our own jam would actually be the same price as purchasing already made jam... generic, not on sale, no coupon!

So... considering the busyness of our house right now. And the sleep we are loosing nightly:) The store brand jam is probably our BEST bet this year:(

To be honest, I'm a little relieved!! It's a lot less work for this busy time. But I'm also disappointed because I was really looking forward to making the jam! It's soo much fun to make it from "scratch" and eat homemade jam. It's also nice to have a cupboard full of jars of jam!


Drea said...

yea the strawberry season this yr was short. my friend courtney whos hubby owns the field in gville said it was one of their worst seasons in a long time.. :( but they did get some good berrys 1st of the season so not a total loss.

dont blame u on not making the jam!! u got enough to do.

Stam House said...

I know how you feel, with baby coming soon I decided not to make a garden this year and not doing any preserve either :-(

But I bet those berries would be lovely om pancake!!!!! with whipped cream!!!! Or strawberry shortcake yumm!!! Ok now I have a craving LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't be worry about not jamming. I want to do it for years and although not having my own family, i do not find enough time for it. What I do is I try to buy organic jam as often as possible and these are tasting like selfmade, too!