Monday, May 17, 2010

Nate's 2nd Week

It's hard to believe that Nate has been with us for 2 weeks now.... in soo many ways it seems longer and in other ways it seems like we brought him home yesterday:) But I thought I'd share some 2nd week highlights;)

Sweet Baby Sleep!!

Nate is a solid sleeper;) He is still sleeping a good bit during the day but has been GREAT at night. He's giving a couple of nights with 4-5 hours between feedings!!! And even when he wakes, he feeds and is back to sleep:)

And yes, he is sleeping with us. With nursing it gives Momma more sleep! We started co-sleeping with our little babies to survive those first few months when we had Chris!! We'll see how long Nate stays with us... they usually stay until they sleep through the night without Momma!

Momma Has Helpers

Chris asked to help with one of Nate's baths this week... and Momma let HIM!!! He was very gentle and it was the first bath that Nate didn't fuss during! I know Chris enjoyed helping to care for Nate!

Oh, and check out Nate's belly button... the core stump is gone;) Then Momma let the girls dress Nate! Anna worked on the clothes and Lydia kept Nate entertained:)

This week Nate's hands and feet started peeling? His hands finished already, but his feet still have a bit of dry skin on them:) Anna would want to point out Nate's little "piano toes".

Nate loves his hands! We've actually already seen him touch his own hands together! And he has batted at hanging toys on his swing as well as touching our faces and pulling hair;) It seems like he is a little more coordinated than we thought:) Smart little guy!

While Nate does sleep a good part of the day... he is having more "awake" time. Like today he was zonked at our Awana picnic but stayed awake for 4+ hours through church, choir practice and a feed or two;)

And he has become quite the sharp shooter!! LOL!!! This little boy has great aim during diaper changes. We have had a running joke that Daddy is a "soft target" since Nate has gotten him soo many times! But just this weekend Nate got Mommy more!!

And I'm working hard to take a picture of a smile!! Nate has such sweet, sweet happy smiles! They are soo precious and adorable! I just don't have the camera next to me or I'm just too close enjoying the smiles myself!! This is the closest we've gotten thus far:)

And this is the face we see most often!!

The wonder and questioning in his little eyes.... makes me know that he's soaking EVERYTHING in and will be ready to join in on the normal antics going on in our house soon:)


Stam House said...

What a precious little man!!!! and soo cute!

Hope he will stay a good sleeper, makes thing way much easier when Mama gets some sleep :-)

Jenny said...

He is so darn cute! I'm so glad you all are doing well!

Meg said...

He is absolutely precious! I think all your children favor each other, but I think I see a lot of Lydia in Nate. Sounds like everyone loves having him around! :)

Heather said...

So handsome. We experiencing a lot of the same things with Carissa. I love having a newborn again.

becky @ misspriss said...

These posts about your little one make me so excited to meet mine later this year. I can't wait.

Love the pics & stories to go along. :)