Thursday, May 6, 2010

Loving On Eachother

Sorry about the lack of updates and pictures..... um, life is "adjusting" and Momma is trying to rest and heal:)

Just wanted to share a funny conversation our first night home... of course each child had to take a turn holding Nate:)

During part of Lydia's turn, Chris wanted to join in:)
At one point Chris got distracted by a show that was on TV. But still wanting to participate, he reached around Lydia to hold Nate's hand...... he said, "Oh, his hand is sooo soft. And BIG."

Lydia then responded,"Chrrriiisss, dat is MY hand!!!" LOL!!

So cute:) And fun that I was right there with the camera:)


Jenny said...

That is hilarious! Cute pics too!

Stam House said...

That is too funny, and let just say you almost made me have one of those "pregnancy accident" for how much I laugh this morning!

Your kids are just adorable!!!!

Davene said...

Thanks for sharing this; it literally made me laugh out loud. :)