Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nate's 3rd Week

We're all hanging in here..... I"m not blogging or on the computer as much... there is just soo much to do. And when it's quiet, sleep is required!!!

Nate seems to have changed this week.

He's developed some baby acne :( all those hormones from Momma has caused him to really break out.

He still naps often!! And when we're out of the house or in the early evening... he is zonked!! He likes sleeping on his belly (so we let him do it when we're close by!).

At night, Nate has been waking more often! Like last night he was up wanting to eat every 2 hours!!! So I'm thinking he is either going through a growth spurt or building up my milk supply.

It seems though that he's been awake a lot more. After eating and getting bubbles out, we get to enjoy such sweet moments! He definitely is spoiled and loves to be held! But he's also pretty content in the bouncy seat... especially after Brian put in batteries;) He also loves to be worn... he's done well in all the different carriers/gear I've worn him in... we'll have to do pics soon:)

He's also reaching out more. He touches our faces. Grabs ahold of my necklaces. And pulls the girls' hair... they are so cute saying,"that's what babies do".

But he seems to also have something bothering his stomach :( So we've had plenty of screaming sessions.

We call this the "raisin face"! He scrunches his little face soo tight! Can't you HEAR the scream in this pic??

With the other kids I kept a journal of what I ate so I could figure out their food allergies. But with Nate I've elminated the "allergy" foods and so I haven't been keeping track. If the screaming sessions continue... I'll have to start!! Poor little boy!!

While we're talking about eating. Nate is still nursing well! He's making me melt... LOL... really though, between the dietary changes (due to the food allergy concerns) and nursing, all the pregnancy weight has melted away. Too bad, I'm still healing and am not 100% just yet!


Jenny said...

Look at that face! I can hear the scream over here, LOL! I'm sorry his tummy hurts though. I hope you can get that figured out quickly.

Stam House said...

Oh poor little guy, I could hear him on the picture I sear!!!!

Yes he could be going trough a growth spurt, our girls this that too around the same time.

Hopes you find out what is the problem and if allergies or something else! And good job on melting :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the idea that you have written about each of Nate's week till now. Hope you will keep on wth this, I think it is a nice little "project" and you will have something nice to look back in a few years. :-)