Thursday, May 6, 2010

40 Week Update

It's amazing to think that Today we would have been 40 weeks pregnant... and totally possible that I could have been since Lydia was induced at 41 weeks;) But boy, oh boy are we glad Nate is already with us (outside the womb)!!!

I have yet to post about the labor... it really is it's own post:) But I wanted to update you on us....
First, our family and friends have been very supportive and helpful to us. We had church members stay and care for our kids the whole time we were in the hospital and they did a wonderful job:)

Then on Tuesday we took Grammie hostege!! We had talked about trying to get through this postpartum period without extra help, but then my mom's schedule cleared for this week.... after a few hours alone Tuesday morning, we were very glad we had asked my mom to stay with us a few days. We'll have her until Sunday afternoon

The kids have been doing ok. They each have started the adjustment period different ways. Anna has tried to be extra helpful which has been really sweet, just sometimes it comes across as bossy:) Chris has been dealing with swimmers ear... OUCH! So he's been fussy with the pain associated with that. And Lydia is just Lydia... a normal 3 yr old attempting to be "grown" as she dotes on her little brother.

I am soo glad that all the kids have been soo sweet with Nate!! This picture says it all.... they were trying to wake him up for me... Chris playing the guitar, Anna talking to him and Lydia (didn't see it until I was going through the pictures tonight) chewing on his paci!!! LOL.. this is REAL LIFE!!!

Ok... now on to the really REAL LIFE!!! Momma during postpartum:)

I know I probably don't have anything that normal women don't experience but it just seems like I've had the "blahs" longer this time.

I am up moving and helping when I can:) I love snuggling with Nate.... it's just I physically haven't really gotten the energy back. I"m still sore but I only feel the soreness when I don't stay on top of my medicine (nothing too heavy!!!).

I mentioned this to my mom... she encouraged me by saying, " It took your body 9 months.... give yourself a couple of days!! And you delivered a BIG baby. Oh, and you are a few years older now." LOL!!! Gotta love MOM:)

Here is my 40 week... 6 day postpartum leftover bump!!!

I will share that I thought I'd would have lost more weight since Nate was almost 10 pounds himself:) Anyway, I started at 118 pounds (little bigger than my ideal weight). My last preggo weight was 148... 30 pounds;) And my weigh in this AM was 123.5... so I am pleased.....

although with nursing I am not actively trying to loose weight and am trying to rest versus starting to really walk for exercise just yet (my desire is soo there... just not the body...yet).

The swelling in my feet has almost totally disappeared:) They are still tender and have a little more liquid to loose... but at least they are showing progress... I cn fit into my sandals and shoes!!! And they aren't painful:)

A huge answer to prayer was Nate nursing.... he LOVES nursing;) Maybe because he is bigger boy, but we have had no trouble..... doesn't mean my toes don't curl in PAIN when he latches on and goes to town....

One amazing thing for me and nursing this time around have been these hydrogels from the hospital!! WOW!! These puppies COLD have been soo helpful and soothing for me....

So hopefully that's all you wanted to know.... my ravenous piglet is calling;) I haven't quite figured out how to blog and nurse at the same time yet.... and obviously one is little more urgent than the other;)


Angela said...

Your doing a great job! Just reading this I'm impressed. You're clear headed. You and your family seems to be adjusting well :) If your're getting a daily shower your doing great! :)

I would like to give you a loving suggestion. Throw out your scale for a few weeks. Allow your body to heal without focusing on numbers. This is a precious season in life and in your body. Allow yourself time to enjoy it without worring about getting back to pre baby weight. Just be healthy.

The Hydra gels are great. Put them in the fridge before you start nusing and they should be ready when Nate finishes. They are only good for a week or two. Buy some extras and rotate them, and they will last longer. I know the BabiesRUs in Raleigh had them, not sure about Greenville.

I will pray that nursing will get easier. My toes curled when I read what you wrote, remembering how those first days are. It will get better :)

Continue to enjoy Nate and let me know if there is anything I can do to help. :)

Jenny said...

LOL at Lydia with the binky!

You are so brave to post a pic of your postpartum belly! That is awesome of you and you look great! Your body seems to have done really well at losing most of the weight pretty quickly. I bet you'll lose more after the rest of the swelling goes away.

I gained 50 pounds with Abby and it was 3 years before I lost it all! LOL!

I still can't believe how big Nate is, he's just adorable. Your whole family is adorable!