Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

You can join in Tiny Talk Tuesday, too!! It's fun to record the silly conversations throughout the week and share them. Visit Not Before 7 to join in:)
Anna (age 5) has been helping in the kitchen lately!! I think it's great that she's wanting to learn how to cook:) She was watching Brian cook eggs the other day. She called over to me," hey Mom, are you eating eggs with us."

And I responded,"yes, sure!"

Her little brain starting clicking,"Well, I wasn't sure if you could eat eggs. Nathaniel might not grow up to be an egg eater."

hhaaaaa haaaa... that's reality in our food allergy house, some of us are "egg-eaters" and some are not!! I love the term though, I'm thinking it's from all the Dinosaur Train (on PBSKids) they have been watching....

BTW.... I really like that show. They have an "old earth view" but my kids are totally loving the dinosaurs and all the GREAT information!!!

Lydia (my new 3 yr old...hehee hee) was shopping with me the other night. We pushed by a gentlemen who casually greeted us. After he passed by, Lydia looked at me and said, "he jacket is too long."

I looked behind us," It's fine."

Lydia: "He jacket not fine with me."

Watch out Walmart shoppers!! The newest member of the Fashion Police is now on duty!!!! She is such an opinionated little girl! **************************************************************
Each kid has called the computer a "puter"... so funny to hear them say that! While I was helping Lydia get on her shoes this week I heard a strange music noise coming from another room. I usually know what all the toys in our house sound like....LOL!! SO I said aloud, "what can that strange sound be?"

And my sweet little girl looks into my face and confidently says,"Mommy, dat noise is my puter. The puter that Miss Sue-sue gave me!! " LOL!! So innocently funny!

And she was right, Anna was playing with a little toy computer that was given to her;)
And I thought I'd share some sweet moments from Chris this week.... he's been a tough little cookie to handle lately, so these sweet moments have been nice "gifts"!!

**On the way home from Grandma and Grandaddy's Chris told Brian, "I love going to Grandma's house."

**Putting Chris to bed this week he asked," Can I give Nathaniel a good night kiss?" And he jumped out of bed, ran across his room and kissed my belly!! too sweet!!


LifeAtTheCircus.com said...

What sweet little kids you have! I too have 3 with one more on the way! And I'm homeschooling as well... seems our worlds are very similar!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Love the belly kiss. Kids are so sweet.

Your fashion police daughter cracked me up - too hilarious.

Happy TTT!