Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Little Girl who Loved her Cake

While visiting Grandma and Grandaddy earlier this week, we got to have an early celebrations of all the birthdays that will be happening next week!! We have three birthdays in a row at the end of January.

Part of our celebration included making a birthday cake for Gran-Grandma, Brian and Lydia. While making the cake Lydia starting claiming at as "hers"... it was really funny to see a kid soo attached to a cake!!

When I brought the cake to the porch to dry the icing "a bit"... Lydia became our "cake guard"..... a job Anna told us was "boring"... LOL

Lydia even explained to us (a couple of times) why we couldn't eat the cake right away.

But then we noticed the cake had some finger marks.... who stuck their fingers in our cake???!!!

And the guilty party gladly (and soo sweetly) confessed!

I am NOT a cake decorator!! But as a Mommy I get called on a few times a year to at least TRY!!! So here was my attempt:)

Here's Lydia blowing out the candles:)

And her sweeet, child-like excitement after blowing out her candle. She obviously LOVES her cake!

***Oh, you have to love that in the middle of the family party right after lunch, Lydia decided she was tired and put on her own PJs!!! LOL


Anonymous said...

That is to sweet! My little girl loves her jammies during the day as well.

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

She is so precious...i love that she put her fingers in it, and gave the guiltiest cute!

Drea said...

so I knowww you had a party away from here :) but u know we have to have one here 2 for her. HEHE so let us know when ur free!!

MommyK said...

She's so cute! I love that first picture of her.

Jenny said...

Too cute!

Bunch of Barrons said...

TOO cute...she is adorable! :) The cake looked great!

Sandra said...

So adorable!